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Acumatica Based ERP Package for Food Product Manufacturers

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Where can it be used?


The Food Product Manufacturer ERP Package can be used in the market segments that produce the following products:

  • Consumer foods

    • Canned foods​

      • Soups​

      • Vegetables

      • Fruits

      • MIlk

      • Fruit drinks

    • Baked goods​

      • Bread​

      • Cakes

    • Frozen foods​

      • Ice cream​

      • Vegetables

      • Meats

    •  Meats​

      • Cut meats​

      • ..

    • Beverages​

      • Beer ​

      • WIne

      • Fruit drinks, soda drinks

    • Dairy products​

      • Milk, yogurt, cheese, butter, ..​

Food producers (fruit plantations, vineyards, vegetable growers), cattle and animal farms, tree farms are not included. They have their own ERP needs. 

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Item Size, Turnaround Volume, Variety and Cost

Foods have the following characteristics:

  • Item size: small

  • Turnaround volume: very high because of being perishable

  • Variety of SKUs: high

  • Item cost: low

  • Simple item and subitem structure

These characteristics create the following general requirements:

  • Manufacturing process requirements

    • Make to stock

    • Make to order

    • Configure to order

    • Job batch

  • ​Inventory requirements:

    • Low inventory cost

    • Items expire soon: expiration date and QMS are very important. FDA standards to followed

    • Fast replenishment

  • Warehouse requirements​

    • No sophisticated set of conveyors, sortation and picking

    • Just racks and forklifts

    • Packing by pallets

Used Manufacturing Machines


The Food Product  Manufacturers ERP Package can be used to manage the production that uses machines to perform:

  • Blending

  • Homogenization

  • Emulsification

  • Reverse osmosis

  • Cooking, boiling, mixing, filling, ...

  • .

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Pulsed Electric Fields for food processi

Your Needs and Your ERP Package

Besides your basic needs for finance, distribution, CRM, manufacturing, your warehouse needs a simple store, pick, pack and ship application since products in your warehouse are moved manually via pallets and forklifts.​

Your Needs

  • Basic needs:

    • Finance: GL, Cash Management, AP, AR

    • CRM

    • Distribution: Inventory, PO, SO

    • Manufacturing Management

  • Optional basic needs

    • Project Accounting​

    • Fixed Assets

    • Customer Portal

    • Advanced fulfillment: PIck, pack and ship

    • ...

  • Optional manufacturing management needs:

    • Product Configuration

    • Estimation

    • Advanced Planning and Scheduling

  • ​Optional needs:
    • Product scanning

    • Warehouse Management System (WMS): SImple

    • Advanced Inventory Management application

    • Shipping application

    • Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP)

    • Project Management

    • Human Resource Management including payroll

    • Customer payment processing

    • Vendor payment processing: 

    • Tax Management application

  • ​...

Your ERP Package

  • Basic needs:

    • Acumatica Manufacturing Edition

      • Acumatica Finance: GL, Cash Management, AP, AR

      • Optional: CRM

      • Distribution: Inventory, PO, SO

      • Manufacturing Management Application

  • Optional Acumatica ERP Foundation applications:

    • Project Accounting​

    • Fixed Assets

    • Customer Portal

    • Advanced fulfillment

    • ...

  • Optional Acumatica Manufacturing Edition applications

    • Product Configurator​

    • Estimator

    • Advanced Planning and Scheduling

  • ​Optional ISV Applications:
    • Acumatica Warehouse Management scan

    • Acumatica Warehouse Management System (WMS)

    • NetStock Inventory Management application

    • StarShip Shipping application

    • Sourceday Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP)

    • SmartSheet Project Management

    • Infinity Human Resource Management including payroll

    • American Payment Systems Customer payment processing

    • AvidXchange : Vendor payment processing:

    • Avalara Tax Management application

  • ​...

Components of ERP Package


The Food Products Manufacturer ERP Package may consist of the following components:

Traceability by Lot and Serial Number

Food ingredients and products can be traced by lot and serial number from the supplier, to manufacturing plant, to the warehouse, and to the customer. You can add expiration dates. You can specify when a lot and serial number should be added automatically or manually. For instance upon the receipt of goods from the supplier. 

The video below will show you. 

Tracking sales and expenses by product groups, department, by location, o by any other entity using subaccounts

The Finance Suite enables you to track sales, expenses, or any other GL account amounts by subcategories such as product group, location, etc. This way you can report P&L for a product group in a particular region. 

The video below will show you this for the food industry.

Quality Management

Food ingredients and products have to comply to FDA standards. An ISV application by Bimser called QDMS takes care of that, and is fully integrated with Acumatica ERP. 

The video on the right will show you. 

More Components of ERP Package


  • Optional Acumatica Advanced Manufacturing Edition applications
    • Product Configurator​
    • Estimator
    • Advanced Planning and Scheduling
  • ​Optional integrated Independent Software Vendor (ISV) applications:
    • ISV applications for additional features of an existing Acumatica ERP module/workspace

      • Finance

        • ​Advanced Financial Reporting: FYIsoft, BI360

        • Sales tax Management: Avalara Tax, Vertex Sales Tax Solution

        • Human Resource Management including payroll: InfinityHR, PCBennett payroll, ..

      • Distribution

        • ​Inventory Management :NetStock, EazyStock, ..

        • Sales Order management: 

          • ​Customer payment processing: American Payment Systems, Century Business Solutions (EBizCharge), Kensium AcuCharge

          • EDI gateway: B2BGateway, SPS Commerce Fulfillment, EdiSoft

          • Shipping application: StarShip, AcuShip, OZLink, ..

        • Purchase Order management:​

          • ​Advanced Purchase Order management: Paramount Workplace

          • Vendor payment processing: AvidXchange, Artsyl, uplevl

          • Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP): Sourceday

          • Container tracking for:

            • Purchase orders: IIG Acuboost, 

      • Contract management with customers: MaxQ Technologies​​​, 

      • Fixed asset management: Bimser Beam, 

      • Project Management: SmartSheet, Spitfire, 

      • Document Management Systems:

        • Document scanning and repository: SDSI Unform, 

        • Signing documents electronically: Adobe  E-Sign,

      • Quality Management

        • Bimser International: QDMS​

        • eWorkPlace: QMS

      • Click here to to see the webpages of all above ISV applications.

    • ISV applications for providing specific industry applications

      • Warehouse Management:

        • Product scan application (Scanco, Savant, FusionScan,..)

        • Warehouse Management System (WMS): Fusion WMS, Scanco, Savant, HighJump, RIC Group WMS

      • CADTalk: to transfer data from the CAD/PLM/PLD application to the BOM in the Acumatica Manufacturing Edition​

      • Click here to to see the webpages of all above ISV applications.

Food Process Manufacturing (Recipe Management)

If your food products are packaged with a nutritional label, then you need our ERP Package for Food Process Manufacturing that includes recipe management and nutritional labels. This ERP package provides management of Food Process Manufacturing (recipe management, nutritional labels  and quality management) and management of the packaging using a Bill of Material, MRP and Production Management. This ERP Package has the same core for FInance, Distribution, CRM, Project Accounting, etc. The application for Food Process Manufacturing is embedded with the core of the ERP, and uses the same database. 

Click here to learn more.

Discrete Manufacturing ERP Package that includes ECommerce

Video (60 mins) showing the full integration of Acumatica Manufacturing Edition with E-Commerce of Magento, CadTalk, Scanco scan and WMS, StarShip Inventory management and APS payment processing

Key Benefits

The key benefits to you are as follows:

  • One Solution for your business

    • Acumatica provides feature-rich cloud manufacturing ERP software. Acumatica Manufacturing Edition, formerly known as JAMS*, integrates seamlessly with Acumatica’s Distribution Management, Customer Management, Financial Management, and Project Accounting suites. Acumatica Manufacturing Edition provides real-time coordination of your business activities from one central location in the cloud!

  • Grows with you

    • Powerful and complete functionality for make-to-stock, make-to-order, engineer-to-order, project centric, job shop, batch, and repetitive manufacturing adapts to your business as you grow and change. This means that if your manufacturing plant has to handle both make-to-stock and make-to-order, this ERP package can handle both manufacturing types at the same time. This also means that when you start with make-to-order, and your demand for the same products is growing, that this ERP can handle also make-to-stock to cover the growing demand of that product. 

  • Meet your schedules

    • Respond to demand while optimizing inventory and resources for effectiveness and cost control with Acumatica Manufacturing Edition MRP planning.

      • Inventory is optimized because the MRP gives you a list of the critical items that need to be ordered or manufactured. This way you  you only order what you need at the right time. By the way you can create purchase orders directly from this list of critical items.

      • Resources are optimized since the advanced planning and scheduling looks at the capacity of the machines and labor on the shop floor, and at their availability for usage. Capacity of machines and labor are fully used  at the right time. This way also costs are controlled. 

  • Track your costs

    • Track material and labor costs as you manage your products. Compare standard and planned production costs to actual costs of production. You can plan very well but, execution may still go awry. This ERP will display which actual costs went way above their planned costs. 

Food Product Manufacturing and Food Distribution

If your food company manufactures foods and/or beverages, and distributes them to retail stores, hotels, restaurants or wholesale stores, your company can combine this ERP for food manufacturing with our ERP for food distribution/service. To learn more about our ERP for food distribution/service, click here

Food Grower and Crop Management

If your food company owns food growers or has contracts with food growers, your company may want to manage the crops. This is especially the case with fresh produce distributors which want to manage the crops of fresh produce growers.

The PC Bennett ISV application Crop Management manages the following items:

  • Space planning,

  • Revenue forecasting,

  • Fertilization planning

  • Pesticides tracking

  • ..

More details can be seen here.

Customer Testimonials

  • Devil's ​Peak Brewing Company

    • Location: South Africa, having about 100 employees

    • The Acumatica ERP package includes: 

      • The Acumatica Distribution Edition, which includes the Acumatica Financial Management Suite​

      • Acumatica CRM

      • Acumatica Manufacturing Edition

      • Acumatica Field Service Edition

      • Acumatica Project Accounting

  • Nothing Bundt Cakes​

Nothing Bundt Cakes bakes cakes, distributes them to retail outlets, and to their 280 franchise bakeries. 

The company is using the following products:

  • The Acumatica DIstribution Edition that includes the Acumatica Financial Suite

  • The Acumatica CRM 

  • NetStock for advanced inventory management

  • MAXQ for collecting royalties from the bakery franchises

  • Fusion Scan and POS to scan items and sell cakes via a POS at the bakeries

  • Avalara sales tax management

The image below shows the customer's experience. You can click on it to get more details.

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