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Cloud Computing


Cloud computing is in general running your website, your email and your applications on a group of web servers that are either public or private.

A group of servers or Virtual Machines (VM) is public if they are hosted by another company where those servers are shared by your company and other companies. Those servers or VMs are not dedicated to your company. You can access those servers or VMs remotely via Remote Desktop Services (RDS), and you can install software on them or you can use software of the hosting company. You can ask for more server capacity by requesting more Virtual Machines and more network capacity. You don't have to do backup and restores. This is done automatically by the hosting company.

We have discussed what cloud computing is, and why cloud computing in another web page. Click here to see this discussion. 

Examples of hosting companies that provide public computing are:

  • Microsoft Azure

  • Amazon Webservices

  • Google Cloud

  • Rackspace

  • Liquidweb

  • Vultr

  • Do

A group of servers or VMs is private if those servers or VMs are dedicated to your company. Those servers or VMs can be at an outside hosting company or on your premises. You can access those servers or VMs via RDS You may have to install software on those servers or VMs, and take care of backup and restores. You can ask for more server capacity and more network capacity. 

Examples of hosting companies that provide private computing are:

  • Amazon Webservices

  • Rackspace

  • Liquidweb

  • ..

Expertise is required for setting up the computing accounts, select the right services, the right size of VMs and network ports. Expertise is required to install and configure the software such as the Operating System, the SQL database, and the business applications. 

Our company has the expertise to select the right cloud computing hosting company, to recommend a public or a private cloud, to set up an account, to select the right VMs and network capacity, to select the right service, to install software and configure it, to maintain it and to give you an estimate of the cloud computing service cost. 

Public Cloud Computing

Public cloud computing services differ among cloud computing hosters but in general they are as follows:

  • Virtual Machines

  • Websites

  • ...

Private Cloud Computing

Public cloud computing services differ among cloud computing hosters but in general they are as follows:

  • Virtual Machines

  • Websites

  • ...

When to use Private Cloud versus Public Cloud

In general when you don't have to comply to certain medical regulations (HIPAA), Financial Regulations,   , just use the public cloud since you just want to have the following requirements satisfied:

  • Always up and running

    • Automatic backup and restore​

    • Automatic fail over

  • Fast response ​

  • 100% secure

  • Great tools to access your applications for configuration

The public cloud uses now serverless containers. You don't know anyway on which servers and virtual machines your applications are running. Those serverless containers give even better performance. Click here to learn more about VMs vs. Containers, and here about Serverless Architecture in MS Azure

A private cloud only make sense when you have to adhere to federal regulations, and when you want to integrate old legacy applications with your cloud applications. This requires Operating System level access, which is only possible with a private cloud.

MS Azure versus Amazon Web Services (AWS)

MS Azure

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Amazon Web Services

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