Acumatica Based ERP for Process Manufacturing: Other Foods
(Tayana Solutions: ACU Process Manufacturing)


This Acumatica Based ERP Package for Process Manufacturing for Other Foods (Tayana Solutions) is for midsize process manufacturers such as food processing, chemical processing,  and other process based manufacturers that use formula/recipe management. It enables your company to manage your finances (GL, cash management, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable), your distribution (inventory management, sales order management, purchase order management), your CRM and your process manufacturing. This is all one system that runs in the cloud, and has a mobile application. You can access it at anytime from anywhere from any device. This alone may cut your operation costs by 50%. This ERP package can easily be customized by non-IT people to address your specific needs. The licensing fee is way below the competition over a span of 5 years. When you grow, you can easily add more users without paying more. 

Click on the picture below to see the PowerPoint slides that will give you an overview of this system.

Tayana Process Manufacturing App based o


This Acumatica Based ERP Package for Process Manufacturing consists of the following parts:

  •  Acumatica ERP Foundation software consisting of:

    • Advanced Financials: GL, A/R,  A/P

    • Advanced Distribution: Inventory Management, Sales Orders, Purchase Orders

    • Click here for details

  • Customer Relationship Management (Sales management, Marketing, support/case management)

  • Embedded process manufacturing management aka Tayana Process Manufacturing (TPM) suite:

    • Recipe/formulation

    • Packaging

    • Production

    • Optional modules:

      • Quality​

      • Regulatory

      • Product life cycle

      • Planning and scheduling

    • Click here for more details​

  • Optional Acumatica ERP Foundation applications


More Components of ERP Package



More information ​about all the ISV applications is available here.

The simple warehousing ERP package using Acumatica Warehousing Management

Besides your basic needs for finance, distribution, CRM, manufacturing, your warehouse needs a simple store, pick, pack and ship application since products in your warehouse are moved manually via pallets and forklifts.​

Your Needs

  • Basic needs:

    • Finance: GL, Cash Management, AP, AR

    • CRM

    • Distribution: Inventory, PO, SO

    • Process Manufacturing Management

  • Optional basic needs

    • Project Accounting​

    • Fixed Assets

    • Customer Portal

    • Advanced fulfillment: PIck, pack and ship

    • ...

  • Optional manufacturing management needs:

    • Quality

    • Regulatory

    • Product Lifecycle management

    • Planning and Scheduling

  • ​Optional needs:
    • Product scanning

    • Warehouse Management System (WMS): SImple

    • Advanced Inventory Management application

    • Shipping application

    • Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP)

    • Project Management

    • Human Resource Management including payroll

    • Customer payment processing

    • Vendor payment processing: 

    • Tax Management application

  • ​...

Your ERP Package

  • Basic needs:

    • Acumatica Suites

      • Acumatica Finance: GL, Cash Management, AP, AR

      • CRM

      • Distribution: Inventory, PO, SO

      • Process Manufacturing Management Application (TPM)

  • Optional Acumatica ERP applications:

    • Project Accounting​

    • Fixed Assets

    • Customer Portal

    • Advanced fulfillment

    • ...

  • Optional Process Manufacturing (TPM) applications

    • Quality

    • Regulatory

    • Product life cycle management

    • Planning and scheduling

  • ​Optional ISV Applications:
    • Acumatica WMS scan

    • Acumatica Warehouse Management System (WMS)

    • NetStock Inventory Management application

    • StarShip Shipping application

    • Sourceday Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP)

    • SmartSheet Project Management

    • Infinity Human Resource Management including payroll

    • American Payment Systems Customer payment processing

    • AvidXChange: Vendor payment processing:

    • Avalara Tax Management application

  • ​...

The Major Requirements for a Food Process Manufacturing ERP

The ERPFocus article "Four features to look for in your next food and beverage ERP" is a good description. Our ERP for Process Manufacturing satisfies all the requirements. Please click on the picture at the top of the page to see the PPT slides that will show how all these four features are presented.