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Regarding Acumatica Cloud ERP, the free resources will help you getting familiar with Acumatica, learning how to use it, getting online help when you are stuck, and see the newest updates. Of course once you become a customer, you will have access to a customer portal which even offers you more detail information and support. If you are new to Acumatica ERP, and you want get familiar with it, and then learn how to use it, take the following steps:

  1. You can see a lot of videos on this website under Acumatica ERP Foundation.

  2. Intercs Academy

    1. Get familiar with the basics via online videos

    2. Learn how to use certain features, go to the formal Acumatica Open University site

  3. Explore video and blogs

Intercs Academy

To get familiar with Acumatica Cloud ERP Foundation, and to learn how to use it , go here.


To see more videos and blogs , go here.


To see more videos and blogs , go here

One very deep dive blog is:


To see podcasts about Acumatica , go here

You can see more podcasts at:

Relevant Twitter accounts to be followed

The following Twitter accounts have information about Acumatica:

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