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Distribution: Warehouse Management Feature (Extra fee and requiring Acumatica version 2019R1)


The warehouse management feature enables your company to receive, put away, pick, pack and ship products to customers. 

When items are received from a supplier, those items will be scanned against the Purchase Order for verification, and then be put away in the storage location as specified in the product receipt.

When customer Sales Orders (SO) have to be fullfilled, somebody in the warehouse has to look for the items on the shelves, that are specified in the SO. That person, the picker, will get a pick list that specifies in which row, rack and bin a particular item is located. That pick list is generated by the Advanced Fulfillment feature of the Acumatica Distribution module/workspace. The picker will use that pick list to locate items for sales orders. The picker will scan each item he/she puts away in a gathering container.  Once the items for a sales order are gathered, and brought to the packing station, the items for a specific sales order will be packed into one or more boxes. A shipment notice, which is also generated by the Advanced Fulfillment feature of the Acumatica Distribution module/workspace, will be added in the packing box. All items in the box may be scanned again to check the completeness and accuracy of the items packed for that sales order.  Finally at the shipping station, by the Advanced Fulfillment feature of the Acumatica Distribution module/workspace will generate and print a shipping label that can be pasted on the packing box. The shipping label will be scanned again when the packing box leaves the warehouse for a truck, and the shipment transaction will be completed/closed in the Acumatica Distribution module/workspace.

As you may have noticed, the above order fulfillment process is for a simple warehouse where barcode scanning is used, where packing is basically done manually, and where shipping labels are pasted manually on the packing box. 

For advanced order fulfillment processes, where wave picking or other optimized picking methods are used, and where items are gathered into a packing box via sorters and guided conveyors, you can use our integrated Independent Software Vendor (ISV) applications from eg. Scanco, Fusion, Savant, HighJump, OZLink, etc. 

The Warehouse Management feature is not included in the Acumatica Distribution module/workspace, and is available for an extra fee. 

The video ( 40 mins, 2019 ) below gives you an overview of this Warehouse Management feature.