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Event Types

Anybody (prospects, customers, industry analysts, Acumatica partners, ..) can attend the Acumatica events such as:

  • The annual Acumatica Summit during the last week of January of each year

    • The 2020 Acumatica Summit: Early bird registration till Nov. 8, 2019​

  • The annual product roadshow that goes to about 11 cities every year normally during the 3rd quarter of the year

    • A sneak preview of the 2019 roadshow can be seen here.​

  • The local Acumatica User Group Meetings. Go to:

  • The monthly Acumatica customer webinars. View and register here.

Can't Attend Acumatica Summit In Person? Register for our Virtual Summit

Hi Prospect or Customer: 

Can’t make it to Houston for Acumatica Summit 2019? You can join us online for a virtual Summit and watch keynotes on Monday, January 28th and Tuesday, January 29th!


Summit 2019 Day 1

Join Acumatica CEO Jon Roskill to learn about the company’s strategy for the year ahead, as well as a look back at pivotal moments and accomplishments from 2018

Catch up on all the exciting developments, announcements, and sense of community by registering for the live streaming webcast. Join us on Monday, January 28 Register today and get all the highlights of Acumatica Summit 2019, including:

  • Important Acumatica product and company insights

  • VAR community developments, new partnerships, progress on international initiatives

  • Key strategic plans for the upcoming fiscal year and beyond

Summit 2019 Day 2

CEO Jon Roskill will outline the path ahead!

Join us on Tuesday, January 29, where we’ll disclose the latest Acumatica product innovations, roadmaps, and R & D initiatives. We look forward to your joining us! Register Today.

  • Future technology and pragmatic feature sets

  • Customer adoption of AI, ML, and IoT

  • R&D initiatives

Register Now


We hope you join us!

The Acumatica Summit 2019 Team

Regarding events, we are planning the following events:

Meetup Acumatica ERP screen.jpg
  • Webinars using MIcrosoft Teams or RingCentral Meetings
    • The webinars will focus on specific industries, and present our ERP Package for that industry.
      • We will give you an agenda beforehand with details so that you can read the basic material
      • We will ask you to submit your questions beforehand
      • These webinars will be interactive, recorded and be accessible in a private portal with a discussion forum. We want a dialog but the dialog will be moderated. 
    • If you want to be on the invitation list for these webinars, click here and enter your name, email id and "Invite me to InterCS ERP webinars".
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