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The Acumatica Manufacturing Edition is targeted to discrete manufacturing companies that handle make to order, engineer to order, make to stock, job shops and job centric shops. The edition includes production planning and management. The production planning enables you to build multilevel Bill of Materials (BOM), and a master production schedule/plan,  and run the Materials Requirements Planning (MRP). The MRP will indicate which materials need to be purchased so that there is no shortage of them when a production run takes place. It also will roll up the projected costs of labor, material, machine usage and tools so that you will have a cost estimate for the production run. The production management enables you to capture the actual usage of labor time, material, machine capacity, and tools. Advanced features include a product configurator that lets you choose options (eg. color, size, .) for a product, and create a BOM. Other advanced features are a product estimator, and advanced scheduling and planning. A project can be set up to manage a production run, which is very useful when you have make to order or engineer to order sales orders/work orders.

The video (10 mins, 2/2020) demonstrates the main features of the Acumatica Manufacturing Edition. To see it in a full screen, click here.

The video (50 mins, 2018) demonstrates the main features of the Acumatica Manufacturing Edition

The Powerpoint slides explain the steps taken in the video at the left.


The Acumatica Manufacturing Edition consists of the following main suites and features:

  • Acumatica ERP Foundation Suites:

  • Specific discrete manufacturing features covered by: 

    • The Standard Manufacturing Edition

      • During the planning stage of manufacturing: 

        • Bill of Material (BOM) that contains for each finished good the parts and subassemblies that are needed to make that finished good. 

        • Master Production Scheduling enables the plant manager to schedule when certain finished goods will be produced, and in which quantities based on current and future sales orders, and on current and future stock of finished goods.

        • Material Requirements Planning (MRP) that calculates the quantities of parts and sub assemblies needed to make a certain amount of finished good based on the Master Production Schedule, the BOM, the Reorder Point and the Order Quantity of the finished good and its materials/components, and on current and future purchase order receipts of materials, The MRP will list which subassemblies need to be manufactured, which materials need to be purchased, and how much and when they need to be manufactured or purchased. It does not consider production capacity constraints regarding labor and machines. The Advanced Planning and Scheduling will take care of those constraints. 

      • During the actual manufacturing:

        • Production Management captures the actual labor and machine time spent at each workcenter/step that is needed to manufacture a finished good. Also it captures the quantity of parts and subassemblies used, as well the quantity and cost of finished goods manufactured.

      • Click here to learn more.​

    • The Advanced Manufacturing Edition consists of:

      • The Standard Manufacturing Edition and the following additional features:

      • During the planning stage of manufacturing

        • Product Configurator that enables you to select characteristics of a finished good such as eg shoe size, color, gender, etc.

        • Estimator that enables you to build a BOM, to specify costs for the parts and quantity of a finished good to provide an estimate to manufacture a certain quantity of finished good.

        • Advanced Scheduling which is finite scheduling based on machine and labor capacity.

        • Engineering Change Orders that enables engineers to submit an Change Order Request, get it approved to make a Change Order, get the Change Order approved to change the BOM, get it approved, and update the BOM.

      • Click here to learn more.​

Integration with Project Accounting for Job Costing

When you schedule a production run, you need to schedule people, tasks, assign tasks to people, schedule machines, tools and material. This becomes a serious project. The Acumatica Project Accounting enables you to do all this, and enables you to make a project estimate, and track actual costs against the estimate. 

The following infographic illustrates this. More details for the infographic can be seen here.

In the new version 2019R1 of Acumatica, the project accounting module/workspace enables you to specify project quotes consisting of a project estimate to do a certain set of tasks and use  a certain list of items/parts. Once this quote is approved, the project quote can be converted to a project. In addition this project can become a work/production order in a manufacturing environment where the Acumatica Manufacturing Edition is installed. 

The video (20 mins, 2/2019) below illustrates the creation of a project quote, which then becomes a project in a manufacturing environment, and then becomes a work/production order. You can click here to see the full screen. 

Customer Success Stories

We have many successful implementations of the Acumatica Manufacturing Edition at discrete manufacturers. Some of them are:

  • Emery Winslow  Scale Company

  • Firewire Surfboards

  • OFS

    • OFSi provides premium products required in the oil and gas industry, specifically for horizontal shale drilling. The company also sells services such as pipe inspection, pipe storage, accessories, field services, and rig returns. OFSi is known worldwide for its pipe threading, which includes manufacturing of premium couplings... Lean more.​

  • Specifiied Technologies Inc. ​

    • Fire-Protection Innovator STI FireStop Plans for Growth with Acumatica Cloud ERP. Learn more.​

  • More customer success stories

Emery Winslow Scale Company  Success Story

The Emery Winslow Scale Company manufacture scales for weighing trucks, sea animals and durable goods. 

Their requirements were as follows:

  • Manufacturing

    • Manufacturing process types:

      • Make to order​

      • Make to stock

      • Engineer to order

    • Easy BOM creation​

    • Detailed costing of finished goods

  • Managing two companies with one ERP, and solid accounting consolidation​

Acumatica solution​​

  • Acumatica Manufacturing Edition

    • Added the product configurator which:​

      • Creates a BOM on the fly​

      • Enables to create a Sales Order quickly with item specifics such as scale max weight capacity, scale size, etc. 

The video (55 mins, 4/2020) below will give you a customer testimonial and a sales demo.

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