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Professional Services


Our professional services apply to any solution, service or project that we implement and maintain. Such services consist of the following main services:

  • Planning which analyzes your current business processes, your current performance, and your goals. It creates a strategic and tactical plan to achieve your goals. This service is crucial to get on the right path, and will be quoted.

  • Consulting which looks at your plans, and recommends the best plan to get there. A general proposal for implementing this plan will be offered. Recommending the best plan is again crucial. This service will be quoted.

  • Implementation of the proposal has to be of high quality.  A quote for this service will be in the proposal.

  • Training may need to be instructor-led, and very specific to your business needs. Such training will be quoted

  • Support for technical issues is tiered. A fee applies for certain tiers.


Planning includes:

  • Discovery (aka requirements analysis, business process analysis)

  • Best practices for your industry

  • Strategic planning an tactical planning

  • More details


Consulting includes:

  • Exploration of alternative solutions

  • Recommending the best solution

  • Proposal of the best solution including a quote, timeline, team building, ROI, agreement and implementation plan

  • If proposal is accepted,

    • Logical design

  • More details


Implementation which includes:

  • If software application development:

    • Physical design

    • Development

    • Testing

  • For software application or any out of the box solution, service or project:

    • Implementation consisting of:

      • Installation

      • Configuration

      • Testing

      • Deployment into production

  • More details


  • Instructor led training for:


Support includes:

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