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Acumatica Customer Portal

The Acumatica Customer Portal is a private portal for your business customers where they can see a product catalog, create a sales order from the product catalog, see their invoices, see their payments, their support cases and additional documents that you can create for your business customers. Our company can help you with the creation of the additional documents and with customizations. 

To enable the end customer to pay your invoices in the customer portal, you need to subscribe to the ISV application "EBizCharge" from Century Business Solutions.  All these features will save your company a lot of administrative time since your company doesn't have to send a sales order to your end customer, neither an invoice and neither to process a payment. The end customer does it all for you!

The video( 4 mins, 2/2020) below illustrates this.  

Changing the Customer Portal (Adding Documents)

You can easily add text, web links, pictures and documents to the customer portal without needing a programmer. You just need to know WIKI Mark Up language or HTML.

Today there are no project management reports in the customer portal, however you may want to show the project actual cost versus the project budgeted cost in the customer portal. You could export such a report from the Acumatica Project Accounting module/workspace to an Excel file, and attach this Excel file to a project management page in the customer portal. All this is enabled by the use of WIKI pages in the Acumatica Cloud ERP.

An example of how to change the current home page of the customer portal can be seen here.

Setting up the Customer Portal, and Detailed Walkthru

Setting up the customer portal consists of installing the customer portal application on a local server, that is connected to the internet. You will give an user id and password, and an IP address or URL to your end customer.

The video (25 mins, 2019) will show you all the steps. If you want to see the webinar in full screen in a new window, click here.

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