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Acumatica Independent Software Vendors (ISV) Applications providing industry specific applications


The Independent Software Vendors (ISV) have developed applications that complement the functionality of the Acumatica ERP Foundation Suites and Modules. They provide functionality to address certain business needs in certain industries not covered by the Acumatica ERP Foundation. Those business needs are as follows:

  • Wholesale Distribution

    • Warehouse Management ​

    • 3PL (Third Party Logistics) that picks products from their clients, warehouses the products, and ships them to their client's customers

      • Multi-carrier shipping solution including Transportation Management Systems (TMS)

      • Enterprise Facilities Management system

  • E-Commerce​

  • Manufacturing:

    • CadTalk application: CADTalk for Acumatica is a CAD/PDM/PLM integration tool that eliminates the manual transfer of data from CAD/PDM/PLM software into Acumatica. This eliminates redundancy, cuts lead to production, and reduces BOM errors.

    • Arena Solutions Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) application that helps your company design, produce and change products faster.

    • PlanetTogether Advanced Planning and Scheduling application schedules your workorders over time such that products are delivered to your customer on time subject to the availability of material, labor and machine capacity. The application has an algorithm that finds the best schedule of work orders such that your manufacturing cost is minimized.

  • Chain Retail stores​

  • Integration with many ISV applications, ECommerce platforms and CRMs

    • Using the Celigo integrations already done, or if not done yet, use their integration tools.

      • Click here for details.

    • Using Cleo integrations already done, or if not done yet, use their integration tools.

      • Click here for details.

    • Apps Econnect integrates Acumatica with Shopify and Zoho, Dynamics CRM, Salesforce, Oracle CRM and SugarCRM

      • Click here for details.

    • Nuvolo Networks CloudSnap integrates Acumatica with SalesForce, Concur, ADP, major ECommerce platforms, and Amazon

      • Click here for details.

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