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Wholesale Distributor of Food Products  ERP Package: Prime Foodservice Software


This Acumatica Based ERP package for the Foodservice industry addresses the specific needs of that industry. You now have a cloud solution and a mobile application that will help you get your products quickly to your customers, and enables you to quickly adjust your customer price based on the latest purchase cost. 

This ERP package is a package of Nexvue that we resell and support. 

Nexvue is an Acumatica Independent Software Vendor (ISV). We work with them closely.

To see an overview presentation and demo, click on the video on the left.

Where can it be used?


The Wholesale Distributor of Food Products ERP Package can be used by companies who distribute food product such as:

  • Eg. Consumer food products. Examples:

    • Produce

    • Bakery goods

    • Spices

    • Vegetables

    • Meats

    • Fish

    • Dairy products: milk, yoghurt, pudding, icecream, butter

    • Vegetable oils

    • Eggs and egg products

    • Fruits

    • Nuts

    • Canned foods

    • etc

Such companies are called food service companies.

Unique characteristics of this market segment


The food products are handled as follows:

  • ​Sourced from food processing plants/producers
  • Stored at own warehouse. 

  • Sold to 

    • Supermarkets

    • Food Brokers

    • Restaurant chains

    • Hotels, schools, colleges, hospitals, nursing homes, ...

  • Sales channel​s

    • Phone orders

    • Email and Fax orders

    • Customer portal or E-Commerce B2B

  • Picked up from food processors, and then delivered to supermarkets, restaurants, food caterers, etc. All this is done with their own trucks. Truck management is important. 

  • Regulations:

    • FDA​

    • Traceability

    • Expiration date

    • Lot tracking

    • Quality management

  • Small size products, many SKUs, high volume​

  • Cutting meats and packaging meats. Packaging produce

  • Quick purchase and fast delivery

  • Supplier item costs (purchase price) varies from week to week because of weather changes, possible diseases or contaminations, or natural disasters. Therefore your company has to change quickly the item sales price to preserve a certain gross margin. 

  • Cold storage may be required

Unique Food Inventory Challenges

The perishable nature of food inventory makes tracking and tracing a unique challenge. Real-time data is required to prevent losses and increase profits. Below are the major unique food inventory challenges.

  1. Complex inventory management – It’s a fine balance between having too much inventory and too little inventory with a small margin for error. Preventing inventory losses due to overstocking or quantity on-hand meeting expiration dates will help lower costs and increase profitability.

  2. Variable demand – It’s difficult to tackle quantity on-hand with the added challenge of variable demand. It takes a robust inventory tracking system to forecast and meet delivery dates without overstocking or inventory loss issues.

  3. Managing food and beverage safety – When an order is placed, the supplier and the distributor must manage the timing to accommodate the known shelf life of each product. The whole process of procurement and distribution must coincide with the customer’s required delivery date.

  4. Poor traceability –Foodservice industry leaders got together and created the Produce Traceability Initiative (PTI). It promotes voluntary maximization of the effectiveness of track and trace procedures to standardize traceability of inventory end-to-end. Your foodservice software meets PTI standards if you can manage traceability from end-to end. This is crucial in the worse-case scenario of contamination and/or a recall.

  5. Expensive compliance – The Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) is an FDA regulation that adds an extra burden and cost for foodservice distributors. If your software doesn’t meet compliance standards, it can ruin your business. The focus of FSMA is preventing contamination rather than managing it.

  6. Recovering from recalls – Managing recalls effectively is at the heart of customer and brand loyalty. Managing your compliance regulations and processes within a modern foodservice software solution can be a make or break in the even of a recall. The right solution can protect you from the high expense of a recall and increase your customer and brand loyalty.

  7. Lack of integration – You know the pain of not having access to the right data at the right time if you’re running and outdated system. An integrated system improves data flow, decision making and communication across all parts of the business.

  8. Ineffective workflows and processes – Pressure on profit margins makes it more important than ever to optimize your workflows and processes. This can range from everything from procurement, fulfillment, packing, shipping, delivery and customer service. A modern foodservice inventory software solution combined with industry expert ERP consultants will help you optimize and work toward a culture of continuous improvements.

  9. Expensive investments in technology – When your business becomes less efficient and productive, it’s time to invest in better technology. This may include; new equipment, delivery vehicles, mobile access, ERP software, barcoding and other hardware.

  10. Low profitability – All of these challenges above contribute to lower profitability. Also, the rising costs of logistics, freight, employees, fuel, compliance and investments in new technology have an impact on profitability. After investment in new ERP and WMS technology, the return on investment (ROI) is expected to increase profitability if it’s the right solution implemented with experienced consultants and good training.

The Solution: The Prime Foodservice ERP Package

Besides your basic needs for managing your finance, distribution, CRM, trucking and quality,  your warehouse needs a simple store, pick, pack and ship application since products have to be moved fast in and out of the warehouse or cold storage. 

Your Needs

  • Basic needs:

    • Finance:

      • GL, Cash Management, AP, AR

    • CRM

    • Distribution: Inventory, PO, SO,

      • Light assembly/cutting/packaging of meat and produce

    • Advanced fulfillment: PIck, pack and ship

    • E-Commerce:

      • B2C​

      • B2B

    • ..

    • Product scan

    • EDI

    • Advanced Warehouse Management System (WMS)

    • Advanced Inventory Management application

    • Quality Management System (QMS)

  • Optional basic needs

    • Project Accounting​

    • Fixed Assets: truck purchasing and depreciation

    • ...

  • ​Optional needs:

    • Shipping application

    • Supply Planning

    • Project Management

    • Human Resource Management including payroll

    • Customer payment processing

    • Vendor payment processing: 

    • Sales Tax Management application

  • ​...

Your ERP Package

  • Basic needs:

    • Acumatica Distribution Edition

      • Acumatica Finance: GL, Cash Management, AP, AR

      • Optional: CRM

      • Distribution: Inventory, PO, SO

        • Inventory management includes light assembly or kitting of food products

      • Acumatica Warehouse Management: PIck, pack and ship

    • For E-Commerce

      • Acumatica Connector of BigCommerce or Shopify for B2C and B2B

      • Alternative: TrueCommerce and integrator with Acumatica

    • Acumatica Warehouse Mangement includes scanning

    • EDI: TrueCommerce: B2B Gateway

    • HighJump or BFC Dakota Warehouse Management System (WMS)

    • EazyStock: inventory optimization and demand planning

    • eWorkPlace QMS or BFC Dakota QMS

  • Optional Acumatica ERP Foundation applications:

    • Project Accounting​

    • Fixed Asset Management

    • .

    • ...

  • ​Optional ISV Applications:

    • StarShip Shipping application

    • Sourceday Supply Planning

    • SmartSheet Project Management

    • Acumatica Payroll

    • Century Business Solutions: EBizCharge Customer payment processing

    • AvidXChange: Vendor payment processing:

    • Avalara Tax Management application

  • ​...

Components of ERP Package


The Wholesale Distributor of Food Products ERP Package aka Prime Foodservice Solution may consist of the following components:

  • Acumatica Distribution Edition

    • Acumatica ERP Foundation:

      • Finance suite and Distribution suite

      • Monitoring and Automation

  • Nexvue customization for Prime Foodservice Software as seen in the video above, on the right side, and below

    • The Prime Foodservice Software includes its own customer portal as seen below,

  • Acumatica Warehouse Management System

  • Advance Warehouse Management Systems:

  • Optional Acumatica ERP Foundation applications

    • CRM Suite

    • Project Accounting​

    • Fixed Assets

    • Customer Portal

    • Acumatica Payroll

    • ...

    • More information on these applications

  • ​Optional integrated Independent Software Vendor (ISV) applications:

 For more information on the optional ISV applications, click here

Nexvue Prime Foodservice ERP Unique feat

The features in the above picture address the unique needs of your foodservice company.

Dashboards and Business intelligence for Food Distributors

Prime Foodservice item info and picture.

Entering food item attributes (Kosher, safety level, ..) and pictures

Entering quickly line items in a Sales Order based on smart item lookup. Seeing the available item stock for shipment. Allocate stock to a particular Sales Order Item line. Seeing last market purchase price versus your purchase price. Seeing gross margin and catch weight price.

Entering sales orders considering minimum quantity, credit limit, etc.

Customer Order Guides: Entering quickly sales orders using sales order history lookup

Prime Foodservice item cost calculation.

Adding cost adjustments to the item purchase price

Prime Foodservice Suggested Price Margin

Selecting the right price margin for an item

All the above screen captures can be seen in an overview video that is available here.

Food Service Distribution Needing Catch Weight Calculation (eg. for fish)

The customized ERP Package for the food service distribution needing catch weight distribution converts easily the unit of measurement (eg bin) at the moment of purchase from a supplier to another unit of measurement (eg. gallon) at the moment of sale to a customer.

This the case for fish. The fisherman sells the fish based on pounds to a merchant. The merchant may sell as a distributor that fish to his retailers in boxes of 10 lbs. This automatic conversion feature is a customization of the Acumatica Distribution Suite. It is very simple to be added to the Distribution Suite.


Nexvue Auto conversion of UOM to another

This blog describes this customization.

Route Management

A route consists of one or more trips. Each route is assigned a number, a day of the week, and a cut-off time. On the route, you can see all of the possible stops or customer locations that could be on that route in the most geographically advantageous order. However, any stop can be dragged and dropped to change the order as needed.

Once a shipment comes in that would be placed on a route, a trip is automatically generated. Each trip can also be attached to a zone and will be labeled with its parent route. You can also see the starting warehouse location (in case the product ends up elsewhere), the driver assigned, the vehicle to be used, and other metrics about travel and travel time.

Within a trip, stops will be ordered based on the sequence of the route, but can be re-ordered as needed.

Prime is completely accessible through a mobile app, so drivers can have all of the necessary trip information available to them on a mobile device. At each stop, the system captures GPS coordinates to confirm routing information. Drivers are able to record the amount of cash received, the form of payment, whether it was check or cash, or accept credit cards and align it with the invoice.

When the driver returns, you can total the amount that the driver has collected and reconcile the amounts. If the numbers align, you can release it and it will apply the cash to the invoices. You will then get a deposit report for bank reconciliation.


Prime FoodService’s Inventory Management Capabilities

The Acumatica Distribution Inventory module features are fully used and enhnced for the food sector.

Prime FoodService Self Service Customer Portal

Prime can automatically send customers a custom price guide that is based on their typical order history in order to prompt re-orders in a timely fashion. Additionally, your customers can service themselves more effectively with self-service ordering through mobile barcode capture.

Prime FoodService’s Dashboards

Each user can customize their own dashboard without having to code so that they see the most relevant real-time data. Drill down into any data point in a dashboard and access analysis tools with a click.

Prime FoodService’s New Video (3/20/2021)

Register here to see the latest Prime FoodService video. New features make this application a real fit for your food distribution business.

BFC Dakota Warehouse Management 

The BFC Dakota Warehouse Management system includes also advanced inventory optimization and quality management.

Regarding quality management, BFC Dakota WMS has the following main features:

  • When items are received, all required FDA measurements (PH, temperature, humidity, etc) are captured and stored in BFC Dakota WMA

  • When a measurement is beyond a limit, a notification scripts is triggered which prevents shipment of that item to the customer

  • Items that are imported from other countries may be assigned to an import slot, and checked for FDA standards before release for shipment to the customer

  • At receipt of purchased items, items are stored in the right slot (bin or row, level and column)

  • At pick up of items to fulfill customer orders, voice pick helps the puller to go to the right slot. No mispicks.

  • Dakota WMS is designed for use with any type of slotting system:

    • Fixed

    • Floating

    • PIR (Fixed and/or Floating)

    • Push Back

    • Case Flow

  • Every warehouse function is controlled within the Dakota Series including:

    • Selection

    • Put Away

    • Replenishment

    • Lot Control  

An optional application is TruckBuilder which guides the truck loader in loading his/her truck optimally such that items to be delivered last on his/her trip are at the front of the trailer. 

All this gets the customer happy since the customer will get the right products in the right quantities at the right time. 

Click here to learn more.

A customer testimonial from Get Fresh is given below.

Prime Foodservice software datasheet

Alternative Advanced Warehouse Management System from HighJump

Since the BFC Dakota WMS and QMS is not in the cloud, and since it is quite expensive, you might want consider the following cloud systems that are fully integrated and certified with the Acumatica ERP:

ECommerce (B2C and B2B)

Video (60 mins) showing the full integration of Acumatica Distribution Edition with Shopify ECommerce

Video (4 mins, 7/2020) showing the full integration of Acumatica Distribution Edition with BigCommerce e_Commerce

Acumatica Mobile App for the truck driver

The Acumatica mobile application will give the truck driver the main information such as:

  • Customer information but no map location

  • The sales orders and line items of each sales order

  • The order shipments with the details (line items)

  • No scanning of the barcodes of the items dropped off

  • No signing of the receipt

  • Handle return of items, and issue a credit note

  • No Stocktaking: can not take stock of what the customer has in his/her stock 

Skynamo Mobile App for your sales rep


The Skynamo mobile application that is integrated with Acumatica ERP will give your sales rep the main information such as:

  • Customer information and map location

  • Stocktaking: taking stock of what the customer has in his/her stock

  • Creating sales quotes

  • Have the customer sign the sales quote

  • The sales orders and line items of each sales order with item images

  • Handle return of items, and issue a credit note

Food Grower and Crop Management

If your food company owns food growers or has contracts with food growers, your company may want to manage the crops. This is especially the case with fresh produce distributors which want to manage the crops of fresh produce growers.

The PC Bennett ISV application Crop Management manages the following items:

  • Space planning,

  • Revenue forecasting,

  • Fertilization planning

  • Pesticides tracking

  • ..

More details can be seen here.

Customer Testimonial

Palmer Food Service enjoys the Prime Foodservice Software.

While Palmer Foodservice began enjoying the benefits of faster order entry, catch weight calculations, and real-time data visibility on which to base their critical business decisions by using Prime FoodService Software, they had no idea how soon their new system would be tested.

In the early hours of Tuesday, March 3, 2020, a deadly tornado ripped through a 60 mile stretch of Middle Tennessee. Several national distributors were affected by the tornado and unable to provide needed food supplies to the region. Palmer was ready and able to fill the gap and provide expanded service to stores and restaurants across Middle Tennessee and beyond.

Less than 10 days later, Tennessee Governor Bill Lee declared a state of emergency in response to COVID-19. Throughout the COVID-19 crisis, Palmer remains a line-line to the communities they serve.

Thanks to Prime FoodService being deployed in the Acumatica cloud, Palmer’s administrative employees are able to work from home while the organization continues to efficiently and effectively provide essential food supplies across their region.


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