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Internet Customer Solutions Inc.  focuses on offering a total IT solution to small and medium size companies. Such a solution addresses the following business needs with the following IT solutions:

  • Managing all business functions: transactions and data. The IT solution consists of an ERP Package for your specific industry.

  • Managing all your collaboration and communications internally and externally with vendors, dealers, customers, subcontractors. The IT solution consists of MS Office 365 and a VOIP system which are both integrated with the ERP Package mentioned above. 

The total IT solution resides in the cloud as a pure cloud solution so that this is available at any time from anywhere from any device via a webbrowser. Not via a VPN, Remote Desktop Service or an HTTP client. 

This total IT cloud solution can be in a private or a public cloud. The economics of such a cloud solution outperform by far the traditional on premise data centers. 

The benefits of dealing with Internet Customer Solutions are as follows:

  • Internet Customer Solutions offers your company the best ERP Package that is specific to your industry. This package is based on the Acumatica ERP that is the most modern cloud ERP for small and midsized businesses. It has the lowest Total Cost Of Ownership in the cloud ERP market. See Why Acumatica.

  • Internet Customer Solutions has designed and developed numerous computer systems, that are still running today. See About Us and Client Portfolio.

  • Internet Customer Solutions has several certifications for Acumatica ERP, VoIP and Microsoft. See Certifications.

  • Internet Customer Solutions follows a proper project methodology where all project documents are stored in a MS teams site that is specifically set up for each customer. This way your company is informed right away, and can access and discuss the project information in the MS Teams cloud at anytime from anywhere and any device. See Project Phases.

  • Internet Customer Solutions puts out everything that is relevant on the table to see. See the ERP Packages with a lot of information and videos on this website. You yourself can check out the features by watching the videos. No hiding.

  • Internet Customer Solutions offers you the leading edge technology that is practical and economical for your company. See All in the Cloud.

  • Internet Customer Solutions works with other high quality companies to offer you the best solution. In the Acumatica ERP  world, we work with LandFall Solutions LLC. and other Acumatica partners to offer you the best expertise in a particular industry.

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