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Our major clients are: 

  • Ned Stevens: automation of the whole company consisting of:

    • Developing of a pure web based ERP system for its gutter cleaning and installation business. Accounting was not included.  This has doubled their annual revenue

    • Implementation of a VoIP phone system and contact center for Inbound and Outbound calling

    • Installation of routers and switches

  • On The Spot Home Improvement: automation of the whole company consisting of:

    • Set up of server based accounting system of Microsoft

    • Implementation of a VoIP phone system 

    • Implementation of a computer network

    • Implementation of a CCTV system

  • JVC Professional

    • Implementation of a custom Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system and Partner Relationship Management (PRM) system, that is a pure web based system

    • Development of a completely database driven public website that is still running today. We were way ahead of our time with this. 

  • American Institute of Architects (AIA)

    • Design of an E_Commerce system for AIA contract templates

  • Private websites or portals for several small companies where specific business functions were automated using a database and a private website in ASP.Net.

  • About thirty public websites that were mostly database driven.

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Acumatica Cloud ERP Customers

Acumatica has customer references for nearly every industry. Below are a few of Acumatica's customers. Acumatica has about 5,200 customers as of 8/2019. Acumatica has each year a serious customer satisfaction survey with each customer! The average customer satisfaction score is around 95%.

Acumatica customers Nov 2020.jpg
Acumatica Customers.png

Below you can click on the picture to be linked to the Acumatica customer webpage where you can select the customer reference of your interest. You can also visit:

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Featured Customer Solutions

The featured customer solutions go into more details of savings, implementation and ERP strategy.

  • Power Storage Solutions

    • Manufacturing lithium power batteries​

    • $29Mln Rev./year

    • The brief story

      • The Acumatica customer "Power Storage Solutions" migrated from Oracle to the Acumatica Cloud ERP. This company used six different systems such as Oracle E1, SalesForce CRM and CPQ, Workday, Concur (time and expense management) and DavisWare (inventory and service management). The integration was a nightmare. The data in the different systems was not in sync. Now with the Acumatica Cloud ERP, they have one system. Read more about this customer story here. Some more saving details.

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