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Using Shopify or BigCommerce ECommerce


Shopify or BigCommerce ECommerce may not have all the features of Magento ECommerce, and therefore is somewhat cheaper.

Alternative integrators are available:

  • For Shopify, there is:

    • An Acumatica connector available for Acumatica ERP version 2020R2 and later.

    • Kensium Solutions offers a connector between Shopify and Acumatica ERP.

  • For BigCommerce, there is:

    • An Acumatica connector available

    • SWK Technologies has an integrator/connector for BigCommerce

Shopify Connectors

  • The Acumatica Shopify connector

    • Checkout the new Shopify integration in Acumatica 2020 R2. Watch an order sync over to Acumatica and shipment tracking info sync back. Synchronize both directions for many types of data. Customers, Orders, Pricing, Inventory Items, Images, Shipments, even product availability!

  • Kensium Shopify Connector


The video (36 mins, 2016) illustrates the integration.


  • Shopify

Shopify handles B2C and B2B.

BigCommerce Connectors

  • The Acumatica BigCommerce Connector


The BigCommerce Connector to connect BigCommerce with Acumatica has been updated in March 2020. The connector transfers more detailed data between BigCommerce and Acumatica. A shopper will get a full shopping experience. Full product information, available stock by location, shipping options, related products, own user account  with payment information and order history, wish list, etc. 

The BigCommerce Connector is included in the Acumatica Ecommerce Edition. There is no extra fee for this connector.

A short video (9 mins, 4/2020) gives you an overview

A long video (43 mins, 4/2020) gives you detailed information

  • SWK Technologies Connector for BIgCommerce

SWK Technologies has an integrator/connector for BigCommerce.

The features of this connector are as follows:

  • You don't need a developer to administer the configuration of the connector. With Magento, you do.

  • Both B2C and B2B  and hybrid (B2C and B2B) are available.

  • Custom fields can easily be added to a E-Commerce webpage by non-IT people.

  • A product may have 10 SKUs ( an SKU for each color) but in the ECommerce store there is only one page  having many options (eg. color options).

The video (43 mins, 2019) illustrates the integration.

  • BIgCommerce

BigCommerce is very powerful but cheaper than Magento. Its tight integration with the Acumatica Cloud ERP provides many benefits.

Big Benefits

  • B2C enables end customer to see stock availability, and select a product from another vendor if not available. Visibility of stock level is enabled by integration with the Acumatica ERP

  • B2B enables final configuration online

BigCommerce enables you to have B2C and B2B in the same website. For instance if your company domain name is, you can have and referred by Other ECommerce softwares don't have that capability.

The Acumatica connector for BigCommerce enables a B2Bcustomer to shop for an equipment but the equipment is not finalized. The customer can call your company, and discuss the final configuration. Your technical sales manager can finalize the sales order in the Acumatica ERP. The customer will see the final order in  the B2B BigCommerce online store, and then pay for it online. This saves a lot of sales time, customer time and confusion.

  • Sales rep can finalize complex sales online from anywhere with B2B customer

The video (15 mins, 1/2021)  below will discuss the BigCommerce features and benefits.

BigCommerce handles B2C and B2B.

  • The B2C is fully described here.

  • The B2B is fully  described here.

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