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Interactive Website Development



Internet Customer Solutions  can build you a simple website using interactive website development tools such as, or ZOHO Sites. Or we can train you how to build a simple website yourself using those development tools. Actually quite advanced websites can be build using those tools but for that, you may need some help. We will be glad to help you. 

We will help you with registering a domain eg., setting up online email in MS Office 365 for that domain, and with implementing contact or lead forms that will create a lead email and maybe create a record in your Customer Relationship Management database.  We can also connect your website to intranet and extranet portals in MS Office 365 Sharepoint online. In this way you can give more detail information to your employees, your customers and vendors, and get a discussion forum going with them. 

Targeted Marketing and Content Marketing


Building a website where your products and services are listed, doesn't cut it anymore. The customer of a particular market segment wants to see a total website solution for his/her specific market segment. The customer him/herself explores the solutions they look for, in your website. He/she spends 70% of their buying time on the internet before they contact a certain vendor or sales rep. If the customer doesn't find what they are looking for, you are out. Therefore you have to do the following:

  1. Targeted Marketing: Determine a few market segments that you want to target.

    1. Those market segments must be profitable for your business

    2. Your company and your offerings in that market segment have to be your forte in that market segment, and be able to be competitive or better than the competition

    3. Your company must be able to deliver with quality on time in that market segment.

  2. Content Marketing

    1. You create for each market segment, a webpage (landing page)  that is the home page for a targeted market segment. This landing page may have several sub pages. It should have a Call To Action (CTA) such as contact form, request for information, etc.

    2. You will refer to a particular landing page in your email that you sent to a list of customers in a particular market segment.

    3. The Acumatica CRM enables you to group prospects and customers into market segments, and to create a corresponding marketing list for group emails.

    4. When you create a post in social media (Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, ..), you can link to your landing page for more details.

    5. Make sure that your landing page has videos where you yourself present your product or service for that market segment.

We can help you implement the above approach.

The video below on content marketing will hopefully convince you of the must of content marketing

Our Services

We offer the following services:  


  • Building a website including security (https) using SSL certificates

  • Registering a new domain name 

  • Providing online email 

  • Implementing a contact or lead form 

  • Connecting to portals 

  • Setting up a blog 

  • Connecting to social media: linkedin, facebook, twitter, etc. 

  • Search Engine Optimization for high ranking in search engines 

  • More




We offer a total solution for your website development, online email hosting, portal development and video calling. No running around, no phone tagging.  


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