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Acumatica ERP Offer

The Acumatica ERP offer consists of: 

  • ERP solutions family 

  • Pricing and Implementation phases 


The Acumatica ERP Solutions



The Acumatica ERP solutions consist of the Acumatica ERP Foundation, Acumatica ERP Editions, Acumatica Integrations and Cloud ERP Packages. 

They are described briefly below. 

PPT slide on relationship of xRP dev platform, suites and modules, extensions: manuf edition, ecommerce, field service, ISV apps,  tools (migration), ERP packages 


  • Acumatica ERP Foundation consisting mainly of:

    • Financial Management

    • Distribution Management,

    • Customer Relationship Management 

    • Project Management 

    • More

  • Acumatica ERP editions for:

    • Discrete midsize manufacturers, E-Commerce, Distribution, Construction and Field service management. Those editions include additional applications that manage functions that are specific for these markets. They are built on the same Acumatica xRP development platform as the foundation, and use the same database. Therefore they are also called extensions of the foundation.  

    • More

  • Acumatica Customizations

    • Acumatica Customizations are eg. changes to a form/screen, a report, a Generic Inquiry (GI) or the business logic of a form/screen. They are made within the Acumatica ERP Foundation, and use the Acumatica ERP database. Acumatica customizations can be grouped as follows:

      • Some Acumatica customizations are available from Acumatica Independent Software Vendors (ISV) and from other Acumatica Partners.

      • Acumatica customizations can be made by you yourself online. They can be simple and be made by non-IT people,  or more complex and be made by IT people

      • More

  • Acumatica Application Development

    • Acumatica has a xRP Development platform that enables you to develop embedded applications and integrations/extensions. Such applications may be needed to manage business functions that are not managed by the Acumatica ERP Foundation. The applications that are Acumatica integrations or extensions, are covered under Acumatica Integrations or Extensions. For more details on the embedded applications, click here

  • Acumatica Integrations or Extensions

    • The Acumatica integrations are applications that communicate via REST APIs real-time with the Acumatica ERP Foundation database but have their own user interface and their own specific application database. They consist of the following integrations:

      • Acumatica integrations with Independent Software Vendor (ISV) Applications  that  manage specific business functions at an advanced level such as tax management, human resources, accounts payable, accounts receivable, inventory optimization, shipping, warehouses, retail stores, project management, construction, company performance management (CPM), project management, etc.   

      • Acumatica integrations with SalesForce, HubSpot, Microsoft Office Outlook email client, .. 

      • Acumatica integration with Independent Software Vendor tools to migrate data from Quickbooks and Sage

      • More

  • Acumatica based Cloud ERP packages for specific industries:


The pricing and implementation phases

​Pricing is based on the following criteria:

  • Deployment options or Licensing Methods: SaaS, Prescription Cloud Subscription (PCS), and Private Cloud Perpetual (PCP).  

  • Acumatica Application Functionality

    • Acumatica ERP Foundation 

      • Small Business Edition

        • Basic features of the finance suite and the distribution suite. 

        • Up to 10 users 

        • No per user fee 

      • Advanced edition 

        • No per user fee 

      • Enterprise edition 

        • No per user fee 

    • Acumatica Commerce Edition 

      • Requires Acumatica ERP Foundation enterprise edition 

    • Acumatica Manufacturing Edition 

      • Requires  Acumatica ERP Foundation Advanced edition 

    • Acumatica Field Service Edition 

      • Requires Acumatica ERP Foundation enterprise edition 

    • Acumatica Construction Edition​

    • A  detailed diagram showing you which features are included or not in each edition can be seen here.​

  • Resource Level​

    • Small, medium, large resource level​

      • Average monthly quantity of input/output transactions\

      • Price increases as certain limits of transactions are reached.


Implementation involves many phases and methodologies such as: 

  • Project methodology 

    • The project methodology is based of many, many years of implementing ERP solutions. It is a holistic approach to automating nearly all the business functions in a company. The major project phases include discovery of current system and requirements, best practices, plan to implement to best practices and meet requirements, cost break even analysis, team building, training, exploring alternative solutions, selecting best solution, logical design, physical design, installation, configuration, automation, customizaton,  pilot, testing, production and maintenance. 

    • The Value Straming Map methodology is used See details.

  • Implementation methodology 

    • The implementation methodology goes into more detail of installation, training, configuration, data migration, automation, piloting, testing, deployment, testing , production, customization, integration, and development. 

    • ​Training program 

    • Deployment Phase with options

      • The Acumatica ERP Foundation and its ISV applications can be on your premise, or in a private cloud or in a public cloud. 

      • More 

  • Tech Support 

    • Tech support is structured as follows: 

      • Tech support by Internet Customer Solutions 

      • For very complex issues, Internet Customer Solutions will contact Acumatica Tech support 

      • Premium support is available for an extra fee 

      • The customer does need to pay the annual maintenance fee when deploying in a private cloud (PCS) or on premise (PCP). 

    • … More 

  • Development 

    • IT people of your company can take online development courses. Some are free. 

    • Internet Customer Solutions has a lot of experience with Acumatica ERP development, and will help you with a successful application development. 

    • Instructor training is available at Acumatica 

    • … More 

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