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ERP Package for Field Services

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The ERP Package for Field Services is targeted to field service companies such as contractors for HVAC, electrical, roofing, painting, paving, windows installation, garage door installations, cabinet/built in closet installations, printer installations, industrial equipment installations, solar panel installations, phone and computer installations, etc. When a piece of equipment is installed at a customer place, and the piece of equipment needs to be serviced regularly, the Acumatica Field Service Edition will handle the sales, the service orders, the schedule of estimations by estimators, the quoting, the approval of the quotes by the customer in the field using a mobile application, the scheduling of the workorders/jobs, the assignment of the crew to jobs, the parts pick list for each crew, the inventory of parts and tools, the time and expense capture of the job, drop shipping of the parts/material/equipment, the approval of the completion of the job by the customer, the invoicing, the service contracts, and the management of the payroll and employees. The system can also plan an optimal routing for the service people when visiting/serving several customers in a day. 

The ERP package contains the Acumatica Field Service Edition and additional applications such as CRM, customer portal, service contracts, project management, etc.  to cover specific functions of your company.

The  video (20 mins, Jan. 2018) below gives you an overview of the Acumatica Field Service Edition. It covers selling equipment and installing it, and also setting up a maintenance service contract, and maintaining/servicing it.

The video ( 10 mins, Jan. 2018) below gives you an overview of the Acumatica Field Service mobile app features.

Video (15 mins, June 2020) below shows service and repair. For instance an HVAC contractor is called to fix the airconditioning system. A service order will be made, and a repair appointment will be scheduled.

Video (15 mins, June 2020) below shows sales and installation. For instance a manufacturer manufacturers equipment (eg a large food blender), the manufacturer may sell it and install it at the customer.

An HVAC contractor may sell the AC system and install it (see video below) Later on he/she may have to repair (see video at the left).

Video (15 mins, June 2020) below shows the detailed workflow of a sales and installation.


The ERP package for Field Services includes the following items:

Electrical Contractor Features

  • CADPro: Electrical Design

CADPro enables an electrical contractor to create an electrical design. CADTalk will enable you to import all the CADPro design data via a CSV or XML file into an Acumatica Bill of Material and into the Acumatica Inventory of stock items. 

Below is an example of such a CADPro electrical design.

CADPro electrical design.jpg
  • Pictometry: High Voltage Lines and Property Viewer

Acumatica can easily include pictures of high voltage lines in the Acumatica Service Orders so that your estimators and service technicians have already a good insight in the location of high voltage lines before going to the customer's site.

Below are examples of such pictures. Click here for more details. 

Eagleview Pictometry for high voltage li
Eagleview Pictometry EPIC-Property-Viewe

Managing Light Assembly of Finished Goods

If your company needs to assemble finished goods on your premises or at client's premises, we offer a Lite manufacturing  (LM) application that has the following main functions:

  • Generating a Bill Of Material (BOM) from a kit assembly in the Acumatica distribution suite

  • Enabling you to add labor items to the BOM so that the cost of goods can be calculated

  • Generating automatically a workorder for the parts and finished good that needs to be assembled. Also the workcenter/routing steps will be automatically generated. 

  • Upon work order completion, place the completed items in inventory, and create a pick item for them.

  • Click here to learn more.

Enable your Customers to Schedule Appointment by themselves

If your company wants to enable its customers to make themselves an appointment with your estimator and your crew on your website, we can easily add an appointment form to your website. Click here to see the details.

New Features for the Field Service ERP

The ERP Package for Field Services is constantly evolving based on customer feedback ( ). Click here to see the new features.

Customer Testimonials

The following customers have implemented the ERP Package for Field Service, and given testimonials:

  • M3 Technology Group

    • Designs, builds, and installs turnkey audiovisual and videoconferencing systems for corporate, higher education, military, and medical facilities. When its old accounting system bogged down sales and finance operations, M3 switched to Acumatica for its cloud-based, project accounting and field services expertise. Click on the picture below to see video, and for more details, click here

  • Security Solutions

    • Designs, builds, and installs turnkey security alarm systems and CCTV.  

    • They reviewed Sage and Microsoft Dynamics as well as security industry specific solutions, but they were all operating as separate applications.

    • They installed the Acumatica Field Service Edition .  Main benefits  were:

      • One system​

      • Mobile application

      • Contract management

      • Inventory management

      • Dashboard gives an overview of the projects and their status

Learn more.

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