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Acumatica ERP Editions

Acumatica ERP Editions are made for specific industries. They use the suites and modules/workspaces of the Acumatica ERP Foundation but have additional features for specific industries or markets. Sometimes several ERP Editions are needed by  a company. For instance if a discrete manufacturing company manufactures, stocks and sells some finished goods online to its customers, then the Manufacturing Edition, which includes the finance suite and distribution suite, and the E-Commerce Edition will be needed.  The Acumatica ERP Editions are as follows:

  • Acumatica Manufacturing Edition

  • Acumatica E-Commerce Edition

  • Acumatica Distribution Edition

  • Acumatica Field Service Edition

  • Acumatica Construction Edition

  • Acumatica Small Business Edition

Below each edition will be briefly described regarding its features. A "More" link is provided to see the details of each edition. 

Acumatica Manufacturing Edition

The Acumatica Manufacturing Edition consists of the following main suites and features:

  • Acumatica ERP Foundation Suites:

    • Advanced Finance Suite

    • Distribution Suite

  • Specific discrete manufacturing features covered by: 

    • The Standard Manufacturing Edition

      • During the planning stage of manufacturing: 

        • Bill of Material (BOM) that contains for each finished good the parts and subassemblies that are needed to make that finished good. 

        • Material Requirements Planning (MRP) that calculates the quantities of parts and subassemblies needed to make a certain amount of finished good. 

        • Master Production Scheduling enables the plant manager to schedule when certain finished goods will be produced, and in which quantities based on current and future sales orders, on current and future stock of finished goods, on current and future stock of parts and subassemblies, and on machine and labor capacity. 

      • During the actual manufacturing:

        • Production Management captures the actual labor and machine time spent at each workcenter/step that is needed to manufacture a finished good. Also it captures the quantity of parts and subassemblies used, as well the quantity and cost of finished goods manufactured.

    • The Advanced Manufacturing Edition consists of:

      • The Standard Manufacturing Edition and the following additional features:

      • During the planning stage of manufacturing

        • Product Configurator that enables you to select characteristics of a finished good such as eg shoe size, color, gender, etc.

        • Estimator that enables you to build a BOM, to specify costs for the parts and quantity of a finished good to provide an estimate to manufacture a certain quantity of finished good.

        • Advanced Scheduling which is finite scheduling based on machine and labor capacity.

        • Engineering Change Orders

Video (6 mins, Dec 2017)

Video (20 mins, May, 2019)

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Acumatica E-Commerce Edition

The Acumatica E-Commerce Edition consists of the following main suites and features:

  • Acumatica ERP Foundation Suites for the enterprise edition

    • Advanced Finance suite

    • Distribution suite

  • Specific E-Commerce (B2C and B2B) features covered by:

    • Adobe Magento E-Commerce store application

    • Optional Adobe Magento E-Commerce product configurator application

    • Kensium Solutions Acumatica - Magento connector to transfer the applicable products in the Acumatica database to the Magento database, their available stock and price, and to return from Magento E-Commerce the customer orders to the Acumatica database.

Video (4 mins, April 2018)

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Acumatica Distribution Edition

The Acumatica Distribution Edition is well suited for wholesale distributors. It consists of the following main suites:

  • Acumatica ERP Foundation

    • Acumatica Finance Suite

    • Acumatica Distribution Suite

These suites are bundled and offered at a cheaper price then when purchased separately. 

Video ( 5.5 mins, Dec 2017 ):

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Comparing the above Acumatica Editions

A comparison of the above Acumatica Editions can be seen here. The pricing or your Acumatica subscription fee will be calculated based on the Acumatica modules/workspaces that you need from this comparison grid. The pricing will also depend on the highest monthly average of transactions such as sales orders, purchase orders and projects.

Acumatica Small Business Edition

The Acumatica Small Business Edition consists only of the Acumatica Standard Financials suite (General Ledger, Cash/Banking management, Accounts Receivables (AR)  and Accounts Payable (AP)). Customers are stored in the AR module. Vendors are stored in the AP module.

This Acumatica Small Business Edition contains five user licenses out of  the box but, another 5 user licenses can be added for an extra fee. 

This edition fits very well small business companies ($2 Mln Revenue/year - $8 Mln Revenue/year)  which were running eg. Quickbooks Online or on a computer, and which are running into the limitations of Quickbooks such as no kits or assemblies, no sub accounts, no sub items, no branches, limited simultaneous multi-user access, etc.

Our companiy has access to tools to migrate easily all Quicbooks data to the Acumatica Small Business Edition. 

Your company  can easily add other Acumatica suites and modules/workspaces such as:

When your company wants more users beyond 10 users and/or wants other Acumatica applications ( Project management, Monitoring and Scheduling, ...) then you will have to buy the Acumatica ERP Foundation or the Acumatica Distribution Edition , or another Acumatica edition. 

You can just upgrade from the Acumatica Small Business Edition to the Acumatica ERP Foundation or an Acumatica Edition. No data migration is needed. 

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