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Acumatica ERP Foundation Online Training


The Acumatica ERP Foundation Online Training refers to several online sites that offer online courses. They are as follows:

  • A quick and simple webinar training about the basics of each suite and module/workspace. This is recommended for prospects or mid-level managers who want to get a basic understanding of how Acumatica ERP manages business data and transactions. For details and access, see below.

  • The formal Acumatica customer training consisting of webinars, training manual including hands-on tests, and a downloadable copy of the Acumatica ERP software. This is very thorough and recommended for companies who already bought the Acumatica ERP software. For details and access, see below.

Quick and Simple Webinars

This site was developed by MYOB, which purchased Acumatica ERP for their Australia office, and branded it with their own label MYOB Advanced. Their webinars cover the same features that Acumatica ERP has. You have to sign up first, and then you will get free access to the webinars.

Go here: 

and for videos, try here.

Formal Acumatica Customer Training

This site was developed by Acumatica for their prospects and customers.  You have to sign up first, and then you will get free access to the webinars. You can sign up with your social media (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook,..) account.

At this site you can do the following:

  • Go through the recorded webinars for each Acumatica ERP Foundation Suite and Module/Workspace

    • Click on Course Catalog

    • Or, you can set up a learning path for your particular user role or business function. Click on Learning Path

  • You can download the training guides for each course by clicking on Practice. In fact they are stored at:


Access options:

  • has all the websites mentioned below: online training, online documentation, discussion forums, product idea submission, messaging to community members, Acumatica ERP software download and knowledge base articles.

Revised online training courses with Acumatica ERP 2019R2 version. For a description of the great changes, click here

Acumatica Community portal 9 2020.jpg

Online training specific for your business function or role

You may be interested in online training specific to your role eg. Accounting.  When you click on Practice, you will find such specific training that will be more business case oriented. 

Links to Acumatica training websites or blogs has a list of websites and blogs. Click here to access it. 


There is an annual 2 day virtual conference for developers where XRP Development platform tools are discussed. These tools increase dramatically the speed of development. This is a clear competitive advantage. No competitor has such rapid development tools. 

More information is also available at:  and at:

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