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Acumatica Application Development


Acumatica Application Development enables you develop an web application that enables you to manage a business function that is not managed by the Acumatica ERP Foundation software. For instance you want to manage your truck fleet, or your rental business.

Acumatica provides a xRP Development platform that contains tools to develop applications. Such tools consist of web services, templates, etc.  For more details click here or go to .

The following types of Acumatica applications can be developed:

  • Embedded applications

    • For instance, in the Fixed Assets, you can add a truck fleet management application. The form of Fixed Assets will get another button called Truck Fleet Management, and access the Acumatica database. This application will reside with in the Acumatica ERP, and is therefore called embedded.

  • Extensions aka Integrations

    • The application is an extension of the Acumatica ERP software. For instance an E-Commerce site has its own database and forms/screens but it uses the Acumatica webservices (RESTful APIs) to transfer data (eg. sales orders from the shopping cart to Acumatica, or shipment notices from Acumatica to the E-Commerce site) to/from Acumatica.

    • These extensions or integrations have been build by Acumatica Independent Software Vendors (ISV) and can be seen here.

Embedded applications

Development of embedded applications require the use of Microsoft Visual Studio and the Acumatica xRP Development platform.

The video shows a simple embedded application

The video below shows a complex  embedded application where a payment processing company in Australia used the MYOB Advanced (Acumatica ERP) to manage its payment processing service. This shows the power of the Acumatica xRP development platform.

Acumatica Development Platform

The Acumatica Development Platform consists of mainly the following tools:

  • Versioned APIs (SOAP/REST) which enable you to transfer data between Acumatica and other applications (eg. your own Product Life Management (PM) Systems)

  • Integration and web services

  • Mobile application framework

  • Reporting and Analytics development tools

  • Visual Studio templates

The 6 videos below give you an overview this platform.

Acumatica Extensions aka Integrations with ISV Applications

Acumatica enables the integration of the Acumatica ERP with external ISV applications through the use of REST APIs. 

The videos below will explain the use of REST APIs in Acumatica.

Example of Rapid and Easy Feature/Application Development

The XRP development tools enable you to customize and develop new features rapidly.  For instance, when are in a sales order, you can add an item. Today you can select an item from a drop down list, that has a small pop-up window. If you want to see a full window, you will have to customize that pop-up window, and make it expand fully. With most competitors such a new feature would take a week of development time. With Acumatica this takes about 30 mins, once you are trained for about 2 hours in the customization of features.

See how easy it us to do the above in this webpage "Examples of Rapid Development".

Acumatica Application Development Aides

The Acumatica application development aides address the following topics:

  • Performance

  • Viewing MS SQL DB tables

For details, click here.

Regarding testing your developed applications, Acumatica provides in its framework a SDK for testing.  Again this shows how well organized the Acumatica development world is. The Acumatica xRP Development Framework provides a structured approach for development and testing. This ensures high quality of the software. No bugs. 


There is an annual 2 day virtual conference for developers where XRP Development platform tools are discussed. These tools increase dramatically the speed of development. This is a clear competitive advantage. No competitor has such rapid development tools. 

You can see screenshots and discussions of the 2019 Virtual Developer summit at:

More information is also available at:

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