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Acumatica Integrations with Independent Software Vendor (ISV) Applications


The Acumatica ERP Foundation software covers the basic business functions that every business has. Those basic business functions are Finance (General Ledger, Cash Management, Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable), Distribution (Inventory, Sales Quotes and Orders, and Purchase Orders), Customer Relationship Management (Lead and Opportunities, Marketing and Support), Project Accounting, Tax Management, Employee Management, Payroll, and Time and Expense Management. The basic features of each above business function is covered.

However if a business has some advanced features in certain business functions, the business can get advanced ISV applications that are fully integrated with Acumatica such as advanced inventory management, AP management, etc. Certain industries may have unique business functions that other industries don't have such as eg. warehouse management, shipping, POS, etc. Businesses may already use certain applications that are very popular such as Salesforce, Hubspot, DocuSign, etc. Acumatica fully integrates with those applications.

The Acumatica ERP Foundation and a selection of integrated ISV applications will cover all your business needs, and this will all be done in the cloud. Yes, those ISV applications are true cloud applications accessible from a web browser. No VPN or Remote Desktop Service or local PC HTTP client!

This full integration means that eg. when the advanced ISV AP management application scans in a vendor invoice, that scan creates automatically a bill for that vendor in Acumatica real-time! Otherwise if a Sales Order is fulfilled via an ISV warehouse management application (WMS), the shipment of goods for that sales order is automatically transferred real-time from the ISV WMS application to Acumatica. This way everybody in the business sees up to date information. No different sets of data for eg. the same sales order.

The picture below gives you an overview of all the ISV applications that are fully integrated with Acumatica. This list keeps growing.

ISV chart listing.jpg
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