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Acumatica Distribution Suite: Modules/Workspaces

  • Overview 

The distribution suite consists of the following modules or workspaces

  • Inventory management

  • Purchase Order management

  • Sales Order management

  • Other great features

    • Free features that are included:

      • Amazon Marketplace: Products sold on and fulfillment by Amazon or by ​ merchant

    • Features that are not included but  that can be purchased

      • Warehouse Management to scan incoming and outgoing items

    • ..

    • ..

Each one will be described in some detail next.

The video (18 mins, 2020) focuses on the use of Acumatica Cloud ERP for distributors. To see it full screen, click on the enlarge button at the bottom right of the video.

The video (2:30 mins, Jan 2019) shows you a 360 degree view of a customer's information. You may look at a selected/filtered set of sales orders. When you want to see more customer information for a certain sales order, you can open a side panel to see all the customer information. That side panel can even display the customer dashboard with AR, payments made, shipments, etc. 

  • Inventory Management 

    • The inventory management module enables you to do the following:

      • Create item classes​ for stock items

      • Create stock items

      • Create vendor price catalog and price sheets for stock items 

      • Create customer price sheets for stock items 

      • Create inventory receipts for goods purchased from vendors, or return of goods from customers

      • Create inventory issues or shipment of goods to customers, or return of goods purchased from vendors to vendors

      • Create pick lists, find best ship rate and create shipping label (previously called Advanced Fulfillment)

      • Inventory physical count

      • Inventory replenishment

      • Track lots and serial numbers which is needed to trace products from purchase to sale. 

    • Video (4 mins)

  • Purchase Order (PO) Management or Purchasing

    • The Purchase Order management module enables you to do the following:

      • Create an internal Purchase Requisition with bidding or no bidding

      • Requesting a bid or sales quote from suppliers

      • Receiving bids (sales quotes) from suppliers, and evaluating those bids

      • Placing a Purchase Order (PO) with the vendor or supplier

      • Create a Receipt of goods from the supplier

      • Receiving an invoice from the supplier, for which you will create a vendor bill in accounts payable

​Paying the bill has to be done in the Finance Suite, AP Module.

  • Video ​ (5 mins)

  • Sales Order (SO) Management

    • The Sales Order (SO) Management module enables you to do the following tasks:

      • Create a Sales Quote

      • Create a Sales Order (SO) 

      • Create a shipment (inventory issue) 

      • Create an invoice for the customer

Creating a customer payment can be done from the invoice but occurs in the Finance Suite, AR module. A very nice integration.

  • ​Video (5 mins, 2016)

 A more recent and updated video can be found here.

  • Free features that are included

    • Amazon Marketplace: Products sold by your company on and fulfillment by Amazon or by ​ merchant

      • The video (4 mins, Nov . 2017) below will illustrate the process in Acumatica​

        • Demo showing how to use Acumatica to support fulfillment and delivery of Amazon Marketplace orders. Examples of fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) and fulfillment by merchant (FBM) are demonstrated.

  • Features that are not included but  that can be purchased

    • Warehouse Management feature

      • The warehouse management feature enables to scan items received from the supplier, to put away items using the found storage location, and when a SO has to be fulfilled, find the storage location of each item in the SO on the scanner, and verify the barcode of the picked item.

      • Click here to see more details.

Distribution Management Datasheet