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Acumatica Field Service Edition


The Acumatica Field Service Edition is targeted to field service companies such as contractors for HVAC, electrical, roofing, painting, paving, windows installation, garage door installations, cabinet/built in closet installations, printer installations, industrial equipment installations, solar panel installations, phone and computer installations, etc. When a piece of equipment is installed at a customer place, and the piece of equipment needs to be serviced regularly, the Acumatica Field Service Edition will handle the sales, the service orders, the schedule of estimations by estimators, the quoting, the approval of the quotes by the customer in the field using a mobile application, the scheduling of the workorders/jobs, the assignment of the crew to jobs, the parts pick list for each crew, the inventory of parts and tools, the time and expense capture of the job, drop shipping of the parts/material/equipment, the approval of the completion of the job by the customer, the invoicing, the service contracts, and the management of the payroll and employees. The system can also plan an optimal routing for the service people when visiting/serving several customers in a day. 

This Acumatica Field Service Edition is part our ERP package for the FIeld Service industry. The ERP package contains additional applications to cover specific features of your company.

The Business Process Flow

The business process flow proceeds as follows in the Acumatica Field Service Edition:

  1. Your sales person enters prospects into the Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) to be visited. Adds tasks and events for his/her prospect contacts to schedule visits. The Acumatica mobile app will show these due visits. 

  2. Sales person can create several sales quotes for a customer under an opportunity.

  3. Or, the prospect contacts your company sales person to discuss the installation of equipment and maybe a regular service plan

    1. Acumatica CRM takes all this prospect information

  4. Your service manager may schedule an estimator to go to the prospect's site to make an estimate/quote.

  5. The estimator submits the estimate/quote to the prospect for approval.

  6. Once approved your company creates a sales order for the equipment sale and for the installation. 

    1. If the customer wants the installed equipment repaired, a service order can be created from the sales order.

    2. If the customer wants a regular maintenance service eg. every quarter, a service contract is created that will automatically create service orders, which will create an appointment schedule. This will automatically create eg. a quarterly bill. 

  7. Your dispatch group schedules an appointment to install the equipment, and assigns the right technician based on his/her skills, his/her license, his/her geography, and availability.

  8. The technician sees his/her appointment on his/her mobile app, and sees the route to take to the customer site. He/She installs the equipment, marks his/her appointment as complete on his/her mobile application, and has the customer sign the invoice in the mobile application. 

  9. Your company accepts the payment by the customer.

Field Service Business Process Flow.jpg

The video (30 mins, 2018) below takes you through the business flow of a service order. To see a full screen, click here.

The video (  20 mins, Jan. 2018) below shows you the mobile app.

The video (  20 mins, Jan. 2018) below gives you an updated overview of the Acumatica Field Service Edition

The video (  10 mins, May 2020) below gives you the latest workflow feature which enables a marketing person to enter a lead, quaiify the lead, and pass it on to the right sales person. The sales person accepts the lead, converts it to an opportunity, presents the sales quote to the customer who approves it, and converts the opportunity to a service order. The dispatcher sees on his/her dashboard a new service order, and creates an appointment. However a 3rd party ISV application Workwave optimizes the appointment scheduling such that the technician route (travel distance) is optimized. The technician sees on his/her mobile application a map with all his/her appointments, and checks the appointment details. The technician can enter the start and end of his/her travel, as well the start and end of the appointment (actual work time). When the appointment/job is done, the technician can get the approval of the customer, who can e-sign the approval. The payroll manager can now email the invoice, which has captured all the spent time automatically, to the customer.

This is a beautiful example of workflow management that connects the different company departments seamlessly, and helps everyone work efficiently while offering a high quality service to the customer.

Handling an Unexpected Emergency Repair Call

The video (30 mins,  4/2020) gives an overview of the Acumatica Field Service Edition but also shows the handling of an unexpected emergency repair call. 

The following steps are handled in this scenario:

  1. Emergency call comes in from customer for his air conditioner

  2. Check appointment history for that air conditioner

  3. Dispatch a technician who is available

  4. Technician sees on his mobile app the new appointment

  5. Technician can see the location of the customer in the GPS map in his mobile app.

  6. Technician can clock in his travel time

  7. Technician can enter the start time of his onsite work

  8. Technician can check the appointment history for the air conditioner.

  9. Technician sees that the equipment was not bolted well by the previous technician, He makes the appointment unbillable.

  10. Technician fixes the air conditioner.

  11. Technician dictates notes about the work done into the mobile app.

  12. Technician generates a report for the customer

  13. Customer signs the report in the mobile app.

Geofencing is possible to find out if a technician deviates from his/her route. 

Service orders and appointments can be related to  projects. This way project costs can be tracked in real time. 

Click here to view it. 


The Acumatica Field Service Edition consists of the following items:

The Acumatica vendor website describes the following items:

Field Service Projects

A field service job that lasts several days becomes a field service project. You can use all the features of the Acumatica Field Service Edition. The set up of service orders and reporting is a bit different but, it enables you to manage a project that consists of many major tasks where each major task has several technicians and of course parts (stock items) and service tasks (non-stock) items. More details.


The following datasheets are available:

EBook: 10 Ways Field Service Companies Grow. Customer Testimonials are included.

The Acumatica Field Service edition enables your company to grow by enabling some of the main features:

  1. Resource Scheduling

    1. Assign the right technician to a job based on skills, availability and location

  2. Inventory Planning

    1. Replenish the inventory based on optimized ReOrder Points and Order Quantity

    2. Scan when equipment or product is received, and when shipped to the customer. Drop ship is possible.

    3. Product requisition: get the best vendor bid for equipment or parts

  3. GPS Route Optimization

    1. The route for each crew is optimized based on the lowest cost and distance.

    2. The route and customer locations are displayed in Google maps as part of the mobile application.

  4. Warranty Tracking

    1. Warranty is tracked for original equipment service  parts installed at the customer site.

  5. Project Management

    1. Integrate field service with large projects via Acumatica Project Accounting

  6. Equipment Management

    1. Manage service for your own equipment/vehicles and customer equipment

  7. Customer Support

    1. Customers can submit support cases via a customer support. Notifications of status are sent to your technicians and customers.

  8. Automated Billing for Service Contacts

  9. Business Intelligence through Generic Inquiries and Dashboards enable you to see the status of service orders, sales and costs

  10. Mobile Application for estimators and field service technicians enables them to see everything and update information

Customer Testimonials

Many customers have implemented successfully the Acumatica Field Service Edition. Click on some below.

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