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Acumatica Based ERP Package for Restaurant Chains

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Where is it needed?

The Acumatica Based ERP Package for Restaurant Chains is a great cloud solution for companies that have at least three restaurants and an annual revenue of $8Mln. Such restaurants can be:

  • Fine dining

  • Casual dining

  • Fast food

  • Pizzerias

Needs of Restaurant Chains

The needs of restaurant chains are as follows:

  • ERP system to centralize in the cloud the finance (accounting, cash management, AP, AR) transactions, the distribution (inventory, sales orders and purchase orders) transactions, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) for lead and opportunity management, marketing management, and customer service support case management, and HR (time attendance, payroll, workforce management, onboarding, benefit management,.).

  • Omnichannel sales and sales order fulfillment

    • ECommerce store fully integrated with the ERP system for take out or delivery

    • Point of Sales system (cash registers) fully integrated with the ERP system

  • Smail warehouse management

  • Delivery to the consumer's door: The consumer uses the mobile application of your restaurant to order the recipes they want. Your company can deliver the products to your customers, or have it available for pick up at the restaurant.  Delivery can be done by 3rd parties: Uber, DoorDash ..

Components of our ERP Package for Restaurant Chains

Our Acumatica Based ERP Package for Restaurant Chains consists of the following components:

  • The Acumatica Commerce Edition which includes:

    • The Acumatica Distribution Edition for enterprises​, which includes:

      • The Acumatica Advanced Finance edition for enterprises​

      • The Acumatica Advanced Distribution edition for enterprises

    • The Independent Software Vendor applications:

      • ECommerce

        • Magento ECommerce 

        • Kensium Solutions Connector for Acumatica - Magento

        • Big Commerce and the Acumatica Big Commerce connector

        • Shopify and the Kensium connector

  • POS

    • Centara including a Point of Sales system for restaurants

  • Warehouse Management System WMS​

  • HR​

  • Other possible ISV applications that add advanced features to the Acumatica ERP suites and modules/workspaces, are as follows:

    • Advanced AP application​

    • Advanced AR Payment system

      • APS​

    • Advanced inventory system​

      • NetStock​

      • EazyStock

    • Last mile delivery or Door delivery: ​

Information about these integrated ISV applications can be found here

Additional Restaurant Chain Requirements

Restaurant Chains have additional requirements such as:

  • Tracking expiration date of each grocery

  • Tracking lot or serial number

  • Quality management to be compliant with FDA standards

The Acumatica Distribution Edition, which is part of the Acumatica ECommerce Edition tracks the expiration date, and the lot or serial number as can be seen in the video below at the left. 

The ISV QDMS application handles the quality management requirements. 

Centara POS for restaurants.jpg

Point of Sale (POS) of Centara


You can also see more details about this total solution at the website

Centara Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) POS Information


More details about the Centara QSR POS system here.

A datasheet can be seen here and clicking on " Hospitality -Quick Service Restaurant".

Customer Testimonials

  • KFC SIngapore


      • KFC opened its first restaurant in Singapore in 1977 and has since become one of the leading restaurant chains in the country. SITUATION KFC Singapore is the local chapter of the global restaurant group specializing in serving chicken meals seasoned with a unique blend of 11 herbs and spices. Tracing its roots back to 1977, KFC Singapore is one of the first restaurant chains to open in the country, and celebrated its 35th anniversary in 2012. In 2011, the restaurant chain decided to invest in an infrastructure that would not only serve as its accounting solution, but also provide workflow processes that could be used by all of its HQ employees from any device, at any time, from anywhere.


        • KFC Singapore found that while it could upgrade its ERP solution, JD Edwards Financial Management Module, to meet its expanded needs, the cost required for the extra modules and user accounts would have been too prohibitive. A review turned up a few possibilities, but none fully met the expectations and budget of KFC Singapore. That was when the company’s Senior Manager for Finance and IT, J.N. Tan, decided to cast the net wider by trawling the web. This led him to a company and product that piqued his interest— Acumatica. He says: “I’ve always wanted to move the company to a web-based application, so I kept looking for alternatives until I found Acumatica on the web. There was local support in Singapore, and that was a big part of our decision to evaluate the product.”


        • Despite being close to selecting another ERP solution, KFC Singapore chose Acumatica because:

          • It offered the best return-on-investment in excess of $50,000 within the first year,

          • It had the most well-rounded feature set, and Acumatica developers built new modules to further extend the capabilities of the product, and,

          • It offered the freedom to provide access to all authorized staff at the corporate office.

  • More customer testimonials

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