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Manufacturing: Advanced Planning and Scheduling by PlanetTogether

Summary offers an Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) for Manufacturing (discrete and process). It schedules the work/production orders for all products in a manufacturing plant over time such that work orders are done on time subject to constraints such as the available quantity of materials, labor and machine capacity over time.

You can create what if scenarios. For instance if a material A will not be available on time to produce product XYZ, the advanced scheduling algorithm will reschedule the sequence of work orders to accomodate the lateness of the material availability. It will indicate the cost and lateness of the work order so that you can decide whether to expedite the PO for that material or not.

SImilar scenarios can be run for the breakdown of a machine.

Such advanced planning and scheduling can save you millions of dollars in manufacturing costs depending on the size of your manufacturing throughput.

We are planning the integration of the APS application with the Acumatica Manufacturing Edition. If your manufacturing company wants it soon, please let us know.


The videos (20 -30 mins) below  will give you a good overview.

More videos can be seen here.

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