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Using Magento ECommerce Store

Connecting to Magento ECommerce Store

When your company decides to connect to the Magento ECommerce store, you will need the following ISV applications:

  • Kensium Solutions Connector to connect Acumatica with Magento ECommerce application​, and transfer all relevant data between them

  • Magento Ecommerce application (online store)

    • The Magento Ecommerce Community version is free.​​

    • The Magento Ecommerce Enterprise version has a license fee.

  • Optional ISV applications (extra fee)

    • Magento ECommerce product configurator ​

    • Avalara tax management calculates the sales tax for any state. 

The video (3.5  mins, 2016) below walks you through a purchase and shipment.

The video (58 mins, 2016) below presents the Kensium Solutions company, and its connector.

Kensium Solutions Acumatica - Magento Connector

The Kensium Solutions Connector consists of the following features:

  • Transferring data from Acumatica to Magento such as:

    • products/items​

    • prices

    • Quantity available

  • Transferring data from Magento to Acumatica​

    • Buyer contact information

    • Sales order​

    • Shipment method selected

    • Payment information (not credit/debit card information)

    • Purchase orders for your supplier to replenish your inventory

  • All this transferring of data is in real-time, which means immediately. 

Magento ECommerce Application

The Magento ECommerce Application consists of the following features:

  • Product catalog with prices

  • Shopping cart

  • Checkout procedure

    • Selection of carrier and shipping rate

    • Payment options

      • Online credit card payment processing using a payment gateway​

      • Paypal

      • Electronic check

      • Cash on delivery

    • Credit card fraud verification (fraud consisting of using illegally stolen credit card information)

Using the Celigo IPaaS to optimize the integration of all the above components

Scripts were written to transfer the Ecommerce customer orders in Magento to Acumatica. Those scripts had to be triggered manually before Celigo came along. With the Celigo IPaas those scripts are automatically triggered according to a schedule. There is no more need for the Kensium Connector except when you want the Kensium item configurator. This can be seen in a video at: .

This Celigo IPaas also connects Acumatica with Shopify, Big Commerce and Amazon. Click here for those integrations.

Kensium Product Configurator Application

The Kensium Solutions Product Configurator Application consists of the following features:

  • Selecting characteristics/attributes of a product to configure the complete product

SalesForce Integration

Since Acumatica can be integrated with SalesForce, your company can have the buyer contact information transferred from Acumatica CRM to SalesForce.

Order Fulfillment

The customer/sales order can be fulfilled in three ways:

  • From your warehouse

    • Your warehouse keeper checks the shipment record,  and specifies your warehouse.​ Picks, packs and ships the items to the customer. Your warehouse keeper releases the shipment record/transaction. A shipment notice is emailed to the customer. Since Acumatica is integrated with main carriers such as UPS, Fedex and USPS, the proper shipment label has the carrier tracking number, and is stuck to the packaging.

  • From a third party warehouse​

  • From an Amazon warehouse 

    • Since Acumatica can be integrated with Amazon Fufillment by Acumatica (FBA), your company can have the sales orders transferred to an Amazon warehouse for fulfillment by Amazon. Amazon will ship the items to the customer. 

    • The video below illustrates the integration of Acumatica with Amazon.

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