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Field Service Appointment form and other forms on Your Website


If your company wants to enable its customers to make themselves an appointment with your estimator and your crew on your website, we can easily add an appointment form to your website. When your customer completes the appointment form, this appointment data will be automatically stored in the Acumatica database, your customer service will be notified, and the customer will get a confirmation email. 

An example of such an appointment form is given below. Other forms such as Request for Information, Request for Quote, etc. can quite easily be added to your website. The previous forms would be for prospects. 

But, once a prospect becomes a customer, then the customer can have access to a customer portal where he/she can see invoices, payments made, and outstanding balance. The customer portal can have also a product catalog with customer specific pricing. A customer can order products in the customer portal. A customer can submit support cases and track the followup. 

Appointment Form

Schedule your field service appointment.

Other Forms (RFI, RFQ, RFP, ... ) can easily be added

To make sure that all data entered in the form, is automatically stored in the Acumatica database, some IT knowledge is needed. However our company can do this for you pretty fast. It will not take weeks to do this as with our competitors. See the video below that shows you how to do it. 

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