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Alternative Lite Manufacturing Management System from IIG


This Acumatica Based ERP Package for Lite Manufacturing using the IIG Work Order Planning system is for small manufacturers (Annual revenue: $5Mln - $15 Mln, 5 – 20 staff people). It enables your company to manage your finances (GL, cash management, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable), your distribution (inventory management, sales order management, purchase order management), your CRM and your lite manufacturing. This is all one system that runs in the cloud, and has a mobile application. You can access it at anytime from anywhere from any device. This alone may cut your operation costs by 50%. This ERP package can easily be customized by non-IT people to address your specific needs. The licensing fee is way below the competition over a span of 5 years. When you grow, you can easily upgrade to a larger ERP for discrete manufacturing. 

The video (18 mins, 2018 ) below gives you an overview of this system.


This Acumatica Based ERP Package for Lite Manufacturing using the IIG Work Order Planning system consists of the following parts:

  •  Acumatica Cloud ERP Small Business Edition (one company, 5 users up to 10 users) 

  • Advanced Distribution: Inventory Management, Sales Orders, Purchase Orders

  • Customer Relationship Management (Sales management, Marketing, support/case management)

  •  Integrated light discrete manufacturing management 

    • Kit specification to specify the needed materials and labor to produce the finished good

    • Create a routing plan for work order through the routing steps/work centers

    • Calculating the quantity of finished good to be produced based on available stock and planned product receipts from suppliers

    • Creating a work order for the finished good, and activating each routing step

    • Click here for more details.

  • Optional module: Fixed Asset Management


This is a true cloud ERP at a very reasonable price for an enormous richness of powerful features. The easy customization tools that are included, enable non IT people to add reports, queries and dashboard by themselves. Simple screen changes can be done by non IT people. Many additional applications are fully integrated with Acumatica ERP for eg. Shipping, advanced credit card processing, advanced inventory management, project management, warehouse management, E-Commerce, Customer portal, etc.

Deployment, Training and Support

  • Deployment in a private cloud or in a public cloud (SaaS)

  • ERP Training:

    • Fully online training consisting of self study material and exercises with a copy of the software. Free. . Internet Customer Solutions can assist.

    • On demand training videos. Free

    • Lots of short videos on

    • Instructor led training can be taken in Cleveland, Ohio. To be paid.

  • Tech support:. Internet Customer Solutions will provide support.

  • Very reasonable pricing for the total of all above software:

    • If deployed in a private cloud, subscription license fee is very reasonable.

  • Implementation and tech support by Internet Customer Solutions which is a certified Acumatica Partner. A reasonable quote will be given based on customer’s requirements.

Upgradable to a larger Acumatica Based ERP package for Discrete Manufacturing

Acumatica Manufacturing Edition (up to 10 companies, up to about 25 users) consisting of

  • Full fledged manufacturing management application

    • Entry of actual material usage and spent labor to calculate cost of finished good and to update inventory of materials and finished good

    • Routing plan for work order through the work centers

    • Material Requirements Planning that determines how much material is needed and when, to produce the finished good

    • Bill of Material

    • Master production planning

    • Click here for more details.

  • CRM

    • Monitoring and Automation/Scheduling of shipments, invoices, payments, etc.

    • Advanced distribution suite

    • Acumatica ERP as described above

More Information

More information about it's features is available here.

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