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NetStock: Inventory Management


Netstock is an ISV inventory management application that offers the following features:

  • Demand planning

    • Seasonal demand planning is included

  • Inventory management

    • Optimize stock level based on demand so that you avoid short outs and excess stock
      • Optimum Reorder point

        • Optimum Replenishment quantity

        • Minimum stock level or safety stock level

    • ABC Analysis of your stock

      • Which products sell fast (high turnaround - least days in stock) with high value

        • For instance, If 20% of your products have a fast turnaround, and represent 80% of your revenue, you wonder about the other 80% of your products. You may want to phase out some of the product with a very slow turnaround, and that contribute little to your revenue. Those are the products that probably collected a lot of dust.

The video ( 30 mins, 2016) below describes NetStock Inventory Management. Sorry this an old video stating that NetStock will be integrated with Acumatica. Since 2017 NetStock has been fully integrated, and selling very well. This video clearly explains the inventory problems and how to solve them.



Using Acumatica Manufacturing MRP and/or NetStock Inventory Management

  • Lite Assembly and Make-to-Stock: only Netstock Inventory Management

  • When you have a lite assembly of parts to make a final product, you don't need a Bill of Material, and you don't need Material Requirements Planning. Actually you can set up kits/assemblies in the Acumatica Distribution inventory module/workspace. But there is no planning for when to assemble it based on demand. NetStock Inventory Management has demand planning. In a make to stock environment you plan your demand, and use the demand plan to  plan your assemblies.

  • For instance you as a distributor may assemble a computer by using the purchased parts such as: laptop, power cord, mouse, and packaging.

  • Lite Assembly and Make-to-Order: no MRP, NetStock Inventory Management mostly for inventory optimization

  • Heavy Assembly, Production of some parts/components, and Make to Stock

    • You need a BOM and MRP, and Production Management. That means that you need Acumatica Manufacturing Edition that includes MRP.

    • You will also need NetStock Inventory Management for Demand Planning and Inventory Optimization. Planned demand will be used by Acumatica Manufacturing Edition MRP

The video (10 mins, June 2019) below explains the above.

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