Wholesale Distributor of Lumber and Building Products  ERP Package

Where can it be used?


The Wholesale Distributor of Lumber Products ERP Package can be used in the following market segments:

  • Eg. House Development Industry

    • Lumber products. Examples:

      • roofing, rafters

      • Prefab walls

      • Sheetrock 

      • Garden fences

      • Boards

      • Doors

      • Windows

      • Bricks, stones, slates., pavers,  ..

      • Sand, ..

      • etc

  • Industrial and Commercial building industry. Examples:​

    • Prefab walls​

    • boardwalks

    • HVAC Supplies

    • Generators

    • Electrical supplies

    • ..

Unique characteristics of this market segment


The lumber products are handled as follows:

  • ​Sourced from wood mills which may use 3PL party for logistics including shipping
  • Stored at own warehouse and yard. Some products may be stored at 3PL party

  • Sold to 

    • Furniture manufacturers

    • House builders

    • Office builders

    • Lumber stores

    • Kitchen and cabinet manufacturers

    • ..

  • Sales channel​s

    • Phone orders

    • Email and Fax orders

    • Customer portal or E-Commerce B2B

  • Trucked with own trucks to customers

Components of ERP Package


The Wholesale Distributor of Lumber and Building Products ERP Package may consist of the following components:

  • Acumatica Distribution Edition

    • Acumatica ERP Foundation:

      • Finance suite and Distribution suite

      • Monitoring and Automation

  • Optional Acumatica ERP Foundation applications

  • ​Optional integrated Independent Software Vendor (ISV) applications:

    • ISV applications for additional features of an existing Acumatica ERP module/workspace

      • Finance

        • ​Advanced Financial Reporting: FYIsoft, BI360

        • Sales tax Management: Avalara Tax, Vertex Sales Tax Solution

      • Human Resource Management including payroll: Acumatica Payroll

      • Distribution

        • ​Inventory Management :NetStock, EazyStock, ..

        • Sales Order management: 

          • ​Customer payment processing: American Payment Systems, Century Business Solutions (EBizCharge), Kensium AcuCharge

          • EDI gateway: B2BGateway, SPS Commerce Fulfillment, EdiSoft

          • Shipping application: StarShip, AcuShip, OZLink, ..

        • Purchase Order management:​

          • ​Advanced Purchase Order management: Paramount Workplace

          • Vendor payment processing: AvidXchange, Artsyl, uplevl

          • Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP): Sourceday

          • Container tracking for:

            • Purchase orders: IIG Acuboost, 

        • Contract management with customers: MaxQ Technologies​​​, 

      • Fixed asset management: Bimser Beam, 

      • Project Management: SmartSheet, Spitfire, 

      • Document Management Systems:

        • Document scanning and repository: SDSI Unform, 

        • Signing documents electronically: Adobe  E-Sign,

      • Quality Management

        • Bimser International: QDMS​

        • eWorkplace: QMS

Click here to to see the webpages of all above ISV applications.

    • ISV applications for providing specific industry applications

      • Warehouse Management:

        • Product scan application (Savant, FusionScan,..)

        • Warehouse Management System (WMS): Fusion WMS, Savant, HighJump, RIC Group WMS

      • CADTalk: to transfer data from a CAD/PLM/PLD to the Acumatica Manufacturing Edition​


  • Click here to to see the webpages of all above ISV applications.

The simple warehousing or yard ERP package using the Acumatica WMS

Besides your basic needs for finance, distribution, CRM, manufacturing, your warehouse needs a simple store, pick, pack and ship application since products in your warehouse are moved manually via pallets and forklifts.​

Your Needs

  • Basic needs:

    • Finance: GL, Cash Management, AP, AR

    • CRM

    • Distribution: Inventory, PO, SO

    • Advanced fulfillment: PIck, pack and ship

    • E-Commerce:

      • B2C​

      • B2B

    • ..

    • Product scan

    • EDI

  • Optional basic needs

    • Project Accounting​

    • Fixed Assets

    • Customer Portal


    • ...

  • ​Optional needs:

    • Warehouse Management System (WMS): SImple

    • Advanced Inventory Management application

    • Shipping application

    • Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP)

    • Project Management

    • Human Resource Management including payroll

    • Customer payment processing

    • Vendor payment processing: 

    • Tax Management application

  • ​...

Your ERP Package

  • Basic needs:

    • Acumatica Distribution Edition

      • Acumatica Finance: GL, Cash Management, AP, AR

      • Optional: CRM

      • Distribution: Inventory, PO, SO

      • Advanced fulfillment: PIck, pack and ship

    • For E-Commerce

      • Magento Connector of Kensium Solutions to Acumatica for B2C and B2B

      • Online ECommerce product configurator of Kensium Solutions

    • Product scan application (Scanco, Savant, FusionScan,..)

    • EDI: B2B Gateway

  • Optional Acumatica ERP Foundation applications:

    • Project Accounting​

    • Fixed Assets

    • Customer Portal

    • .

    • ...

  • ​Optional ISV Applications:

    • Acumatica Warehouse Management System (WMS)

    • NetStock Inventory Management application

    • StarShip Shipping application

    • Sourceday Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP)

    • SmartSheet Project Management

    • Infinity Human Resource Management including payroll

    • American Payment Systems Customer payment processing

    • AvidXchange: Vendor payment processing:

    • Avalara Tax Management application

  • ​...

Video (20 mins) showing the  Acumatica Distribution Edition with Acumatica WMS

Video (60 mins) showing the full integration of Acumatica Distribution Edition with Scanco scan and WMS, StarShip Inventory management and APS payment processing.

Customer Testimonials

Frederick Block, Brick & Stone (FBBS


A leading distributor of masonry and hardscape products for residential and commercial markets in Virginia.

Video (20 mins) showing the full integration of  Acumatica Distribution Edition with BigCommerce (B2C and B2B)

Video (60 mins) showing the full integration of Acumatica Distribution Edition with Scanco scan and WMS, eRequester (AP approvals), StarShip Inventory management and APS payment processing.

  • The Challenge

    • Frederick Block, Brick & Stone (FBBS) is a leading distributor of masonry and hardscape products for residential and commercial markets in Virginia. They previously were using an ERP system from the ‘90s, but it wasn’t delivering what they needed. Important features such as remote access, integration with Microsoft Office, and reporting options, were very limited. In addition, managing inventory for multiple locations was increasingly challenging. They decided it was time to upgrade. 

  • The Solution

    • FBBS went to work, investigating numerous potential ERP systems. Based on online research, they identified about 40 potential ERP systems then after calling specific ERP partners, five systems made the shortlist. After the demo phase, the choice was between Epicor and Acumatica. They decided that Acumatica would be the best fit for their company. Steve Slaughter, President/CEO of FBBS, explains why:

      • “When it came down to the final two choices, Epicor was customized to our industry, and Acumatica was not. If this was something we were choosing for the short term, it may have made more sense to go with the industry-specific solution. But we wanted a system that we felt could grow with us, so we would not have to go this process again for another 20 years. Acumatica, by far, seemed a better choice in that regard. It was a better long-term play.

      • Not every system had every single thing that was on our wish list, but Acumatica certainly checked all the boxes we needed it to. We felt Acumatica could be made to do all the things we needed for our industry, but it also had the flexibility to go above and beyond.”

  • The Benefits

    • FBBS reports multiple benefits since implementing Acumatica. Three that stand out are the unlimited licensing model, ease of access and the ability for customization to target specific business needs. 

    • “A big deciding factor was Acumatica’s unlimited user pricing model. Most companies make you pay per user, but Acumatica does not. We wanted to have a lot of people touch the system, but most of them are not heavy users, such as drivers or warehouse staff. We knew we could grow with Acumatica, and bring everyone into the system, without any additional costs.”

    • “Acumatica allows anyone to access it, wherever they are. If someone needs to work from home and be productive, they can do that…The benefit that definitely affects me, and others, on a daily basis, is the ability to see information quickly.”

    • “Thinking ahead to where our business may be five years from now, we have a system that we can easily add to and grow with over time.”

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