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Acumatica Based ERP Package for Food Retail Chain Stores

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Where is it needed?

The Acumatica Based ERP Package for Chain Retails Stores is a great cloud solution for companies that have at least three stores and an annual revenue of $8Mln. Such stores can be:

  • Supermarkets

  • Grocery stores

  • Liquor and Beverage stores

  • Wholesale stores

Needs of Chain Retail Stores

The needs of Chain Retail Stores are as follows:

  • ERP system to centralize in the cloud the finance (accounting, cash management, AP, AR) transactions, the distribution (inventory, sales orders and purchase orders) transactions, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) for lead and opportunity management, marketing management, and customer service support case management. HR (time attendance, payroll, workforce management, onboarding, benefit management,.) and sometimes truck fleet management.  

  • Omnichannel sales and sales order fulfillment

    • ECommerce store fully integrated with the ERP system

    • Point of Sales system (cash registers) fully integrated with the ERP system

  • Warehouse management

  • Maybe Transport management or integration with 3PL logistics systems

  • Delivery to the consumer's door: The consumer uses the mobile application of your store to scan the products they need to buy.  For instance a consumer scans the barcode of a milk carton in the fridge with your mobile app. Your company can deliver the products to your customers, or have it available for pick up at the store.  Delivery can be done by 3rd parties: Uber, DoorDash ..

Components of our ERP Package for Food Retail Chain Stores

Our Acumatica Based ERP Package for Food Retail Chain Stores consists of the following components:

  • The Acumatica Commerce Edition which includes:

    • The Acumatica Distribution Edition for enterprises​, which includes:

      • The Acumatica Advanced Finance edition for enterprises​

      • The Acumatica Advanced Distribution edition for enterprises

    • The Independent Software Vendor applications:

      • ECommerce

        • Magento ECommerce 

        • Kensium Solutions Connector for Acumatica - Magento

  • POS

    • FusionPOS including a Point of Sales system

  • Warehouse Management System WMS​

  • HR​

  • Other possible ISV applications that add advanced features to the Acumatica ERP suites and modules/workspaces, are as follows:

    • Advanced AP application​

    • Advanced AR Payment system

      • APS​

    • Advanced inventory system​

      • NetStock​

      • EazyStock

    • Last mile delivery or Door delivery: ​

Information about these integrated ISV applications can be found here

You can also see more details about this total solution at the website which is the website of our ISV FusionRMS that developed FusionRms and FusionWMS. Click on the store pictures below to see  POS solution specifics for such a store.

Liquor store.jpg

Grocery Stores

Grocery stores have additional requirements such as:

  • Tracking expiration date of each grocery

  • Tracking lot or serial number

  • Quality management to be compliant with FDA standards

The Acumatica Distribution Edition, which is part of the Acumatica ECommerce Edition tracks the expiration date, and the lot or serial number as can be seen in the video below at the left. 

The ISV QDMS application handles the quality management requirements. 

Grocery store.jpg

Customer Testimonials

  • Nothing Bundt Cakes

    • Nothing Bundt Cakes is a manufacturer, distributor, and retailer (own retail and franchises) of cakes. 

    • It replaced its old system with:

      • Acumatica Distribution Edition (Finance and Distribution)​

      • NetStock (inventory management) integrated with Acumatica

      • Retail solution:

      • Why Acumatica: Acumatica is one system that can integrate easily with other applications ​

    • Learn more​

  • More customer testimonials

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