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The Epygi IP PBX provides an IP PBX on your premises. Even when you don't have internet connection, employees will be able to call each other. In general after 2 years the cost of using an IP PBX will be cheaper than using a cloud PBX. However you will have to maintain your IP PBX yourself. The IP PBX is under your control. 

Epygi provides a large line of IP PBX models ranging for 12 extensions to 3000 extension at a very reasonable price per  model.

You will need to buy seperately SIP lines and DIDs just like with a cloud PBX. SIP lines and DIDs are explained below.

The Epygi IP PBX has more advanced features/solutions than the Epygi Cloud PBX or RingCentral. Such advanced solutions are as follows:

  • Call Center solution

    • When you need a call center to receive many support calls, to make many marketing calls, the Epygi Call Center Application is great​

  • Audio and video conferencing solution​

  • Surveillance solution:

    • Door access can be controlled from an IP phone via video where you see the person wanting to enter the building​

    • Seeing an IP video camera from an IP video phone

    • IP security cameras can be seen from an IP video phone

    • Paging systems: you can page people from your IP phone

  • Hospitality solution​

    • The hospitality solution is perfect for hotels, resorts and conference centers where phones need to be activated for hotel rooms, and be billed properly. Messaging and wake up calls are provided. ​

  • School solution​

    • Announcements can be made​


Click here to learn more about those advanced solutions.


The following video give you a deep dive into the configuration capabilities of an Epygi QX IP PBX.

Installation and Configuration Features

The IP PBX has the following configuration features:

  • Getting a SIP trunk

    • Need to purchase separately ​a SIP trunk from an approved SIP Trunk provider. We resell SIP trunks for the following SIP Trunk providers:

    • Our company will help you select the right one for your needs.

  • Configuring IP phones​

    • This PBX platform can be used with any type of SIP phone at the customer premise and a SIP trunk connection to the PSTN using any carrier. The SIP phones tested by Epygi wlll be automatically configured when they are connected the Epygi QX model

    • There is a series of youtube videos (August, 2019) that cover the powerful configuration of IP phones. It is powerful since you can configure your phones from the UI/webinterface of your Epygi website. You don't have to do the configuration using the web interface of each IP phone.

      • Session One has two parts

        • An introduction to configuring IP phones on the QX products, covering the basics of our Supported Phone vendors; such as how to configure the phone, the keys, and templates. Also, the basics of phone SIP Registration and SIP messages will be shown.

      • Session Two has four parts

        • The second session will be built on the first session, discussing how to update the phone firmware, remote phones and options for configuring the phones such as manual, phone vendor redirect server and OpenVPN.

You can see all of the ip phone configuration videos at:

IP Phones

IP (Session Initiation Protocol - SIP) phones can be grouped as follows:

  • Desktop IP phones

    • Desktop IP Phones are handsets that sit on your desktop. You can have single wired IP desktop phones ​, or you can have cordless IP phones that are connected to a wired base.

  • Desktop IP soft phones​

    • An IP softphone is a PC application that runs on your computer, that needs to have a micro and speakers. Not much recommended since your computer may get sometimes very busy.​

  • Mobile soft phone (mobile app) eQall on your iPad/iPhone or Android smartphone​

    • If you have a good internet connection, this is a very cheap but very practical solution. The mobile app runs on your iPad or Android smartphone, and has its own extension. If the internet connection is always good, you don't need an expensive IP desktop phone!​


Major IP phones that are fully compatible with Epygi IP PBX are: Aastra (Mitel), Polycom, Grandstream, SNOM, Yealink, Fanvil, Cisco, ..

The video (50 mins, 2018) below explains how a Fanvil IP phone can be auto configured from the Epygi IP PBX. It also describes the expertise of the Epygi Technologies company.

Click here to learn more about the IP phones

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