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IP (SIP) Phones


IP (Session Initiation Protocol - SIP) phones can be grouped as follows:

  • Desktop IP phones

    • Desktop IP Phones are handsets that sit on your desktop. You can have single wired IP desktop phones ​, or you can have cordless IP phones that are connected to a wired base.

  • Desktop IP soft phones​

    • An IP softphone is a PC application that runs on your computer, that needs to have a micro and speakers. Not much recommended since your computer may get sometimes very busy.​

  • Mobile soft phones (mobile app) on your iPad/iPhone or Android smartphone​

    • If you have a good internet connection, this is a very cheap but very practical solution. The mobile app runs on your iPad or Android smartphone, and has its own extension. If the internet connection is always good, you don't need an expensive IP desktop phone!​

Desktop IP Phones

Desktop IP Soft Phones

  • HotCall Add-In for Microsoft Outlook

    • The HotCall Add-In application works with Microsoft Outlook allowing incoming and outgoing calls to be made within the native Outlook interface.​

  • HotKeyCall​

    • HotKeyCall is a Microsoft Windows software application, which allows PC users to dial telephone numbers directly from their desktop on any application window (e.g. web-browsers, e-mail client, text documents, etc.). This can be done by simply highlighting the number you wish to dial and pressing a predefined hot key sequence (e.g. Ctrl-Y).​

Mobile IP Soft Phones (mobile phone applications)

The EQall softphone of Epygi has all the features of an IP desktop phone, and can save you a lot of money since it is free! See details.

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