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Epygi's Softphone eQall for Epygi Cloud PBX and Epygi IP PBX


Epygi's softphone eQall is an IP phone mobile application that enables you to make and receive calls. Your eQall mobile application has its own extension in your Epygi Cloud PBX or Epygi IP PBX directory. It has all the features that a desk IP phone has. You may not need your desk  IP phone any more. All phone calls will originate from your eQall softphone. All phone calls for you will be received by  your  eQall softphone on your smartphone. You will never miss a call, or you can always see the missed calls, and call them back. This eQall softphone has so many features that it outshines the competition. It has proven to be very reliable on the road with 4G connection. Now you can save thousands of dollars by  just paying for an eQall license instead of purchasing IP desk phones and paying for installation and maintenance of desk IP phones. 

The sales video (30 mins, 3/2020) below gives you a good overview of its features.


The picture below gives you an overview of the call features. You can click on it to go to the Epygi vendor's webpage. 

If you have an Epygi QX IP PBX, you can have one eQall softphone license free. It is included. 

During the COVID-19 era, the eQall softphone license is free till the end of April 2020. You could use such a license if you have an Epygi Cloiud PBX.

Epygi eQall mobile app webpage.jpg

The technical video (30 mins, 4/2020) below shows you how to install and configure your Epygi eQall softphone.

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