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NUSO SIP Trunking


NUSO SIP trunking offers a lower monthly fee than competitors. For companies which will not need a network of SIP lines to be managed, this might be a good solution. 

SIP Lines versus Direct Inbound Dial (DID) Telephone Numbers

A SIP Line or a SIP Calling Path is the connection from your IP PBX or Cloud PBX to the SIP Provider, which connects to the PSTN (Public Switching Telephone Network) or the old phone switching company such as Verizon, AT&T, etc. A SIP line can handle maximum one active call. If a call is put on hold, and another call is taken, only one call is active. This means that one SIP line can handle this situation. 

If your company needs to handle on the average six simultaneous calls, then you need six SIP lines. 

At least one DID or a Telephone Number is needed to identify your business.  If certain employees want to have their own telephone number, a DID needs to be given to each one of them.

With an IP PBX or a Cloud PBX, each employee will get an active extension number.  If certain employees want to have also their own telephone number, they will need also a DID besides their extension number. You can use a passive extension number for just forwarding calls to a cell phone of an employee who is never in the office. 

An example of a certain phone set up:

  • Needs

    • Your company has 10 employees who are most of the time in the office. SInce not all of them call at the same time, you guess that maximum 6 employees call at the same time. Only four employees need besides their extension, their own direct phone number or DID since they are sales people or executives who need to be called directly, and whose phone number needs to be seen by the caller for call backs. 

  • Solution​

    • A PBX with 10 extensions is needed. ​

    • A SIP trunk is needed with 6 SIP lines, and 5 DIDs (one for the business, and four for four employees). The metered plan of NUSO for this case will cost $72 + (5 *$1/DID) = $77/mth. 

Plans and Prices

NUSO offers three plans as follows:

  • Unlimited plan:

    • You pay per SIP line about $19.95/mth. This plan is for companies which need 1 to 3 SIP lines. No limits on number of calls.

  • Metered plans:

    • You pay for 5000 mins of inbound calling and 5000 mins of outbound calling per month $72.50. This plan becomes cheaper than the line plan once you need 4 or more SIP Lines. However you have to pay in addition for each DID $1/month. This plan is for companies which don't have a huge amount of calls per month. 

  • Service Bundles

    • For the bundle of 6 SIP lines, you pay $119/month, and that includes 6 *2500 mins/SIP line = 15,000 mins. ​This plan is for companies that have quite a large amount of calls per month. Companies with contact centers will need this plan. 

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