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Acumatica Workforce Management using MS StaffHub, MS Planner or MS Teams


Acumatica Workforce Management enables you to do the following:

  • Schedule shifts and assign employees to shifts, and present it in a calendar format

  • Per team, assign tasks to people, present it in a calendar, and enable people to share files with each other, chat with each other and send out notifications.

The benefit of this is that managers can now see who is doing what on a certain day, week or month. Also people can chat with each other to get an issue resolved. They can even chat with external parties such as customers, vendors, and subcontractors.

The above features are accomplished through Microsoft StaffHub and Microsoft Planner. Note: We are still working on the integration of Acumatica ERP and the Microsoft tools. This is not available yet but, can be done quite easily since Acumatica can embed other websites in its right pane.

The way it will work is as follows:

  • For a particular department, you will see the following:

    • The shift schedule that shows who is working in which shift. This will be enabled by Acumatica (employees, time card, department) and MS StaffHub

    • For a particular team, you will see the following:

      • which lead, customer, supplier, SO, PO,. a person is planned to work on, and is actually working on it. This will be enabled by Acumatica (lead/customer assignment, SO and PO assignment, support case assignment, shipment assigment, etc.) and Microsoft Planner.

A video for both will illustrate this.

Providing discussion forum and video calling

Actually we can take the above planner features a level higher by using MS Teams for a team and add the MS Planner as an application. This will enable MS Teams video calling and a discussion forum through conversations and Yammer.

By the way, MS Teams can be incorporated at any business account form (customer, vendor), project form, and case form. For instance, in the master customer form, a button "MS Teams" can be clicked to open the MS Teams application.

A video below illustrates MS Teams.

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