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ERP Package for Construction

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The ERP Package for Construction is a total ERP for home builders, general contractors, subcontractors and land developers. It addresses all the business functions of a construction company such as construction accounting (very different from regular accounting), customer relationship management, sales management (quoting, work orders), purchase management, inventory management (equipment, tools, parts,..), project management, contract management (AIA compliant), invoicing, subcontractor management. 

This ERP Package will really streamline your operations. Everybody in your company will see up-to-date accurate time, cost and revenue information so that problems are discovered on time and resolved sooner than when paper documents were everywhere and nowhere, or when different systems had different data for the same project and task. At least you will now be able to make a profit when  previously mistakes and dragging problems wiped out your potential profit.

This ERP Package outshines the competition that provides old ERP technology that is not accessible via an HTML browser, and requires lots of money to make changes to the software. Forget about their tech support and their commitment.

The first video below will illustrate some of the main features. 

The video below (15 mins, May 2019) focuses on project accounting and billing

Construction Types

Acumatica Construction Edition is designed to accommodate the unique business processes and needs of these construction company types​

  • General Contractors

    • To see more details and a video, click here.

Click here to download the datasheet.

  • Sub- and Specialty Contractors

    • To see more details and a video, click here.

Click here to download the datasheet.

  • Home Builders

    • To see more details and a video, click here.

Click here to download the datasheet.

  • Land Developers

    • To see more details and a video, click here

Click here to download the datasheet.


The ERP package for Construction consists of the following items:


There are a lot more third Party (Independent Software Vendor - ISV) applications that are fully integrated with the Acumatica Cloud ERP,  and that provide additional features. For details, click here.

More Videos on Details

The Acumatica partner Bangert Inc. has done a great job in creating some videos about the details of the ERP Package. Click here

Construction project: Change Order

Construction: ProEstimate to create estimates

Construction: Use and Manage Drawing Logs

Construction: MS Outllook integraton update 2020 enables to attach an email in MS Outlook to a project, contact, opportunity, RFI.. via an Acumatica plugin for MS Outlook. This way you can keep emailing in MS Outlook.

Cost Projection

Construction: Enter  an Accounts Payable BIll

Construction: Using mobile app on the construction site for managing expenses, project issues, PO receipts, etc

Construction: Importing Equipment and Equipment Attributes

Construction: Construction Project Management (2020)

Issue Materials to a construction job

Revenue Projection and  Recognition


It is common in construction to project revenue and recognizing (booking) it when corresponding work is finished.

The video (10 mins, 4/2020) will illustrate this.

Accounts Payable (AP) and Accounts Receivable (AR) Retainage


It is common in construction to not pay (AP) for instance a subcontractor 100% of his/her completed work, but only 95%. The other 5% is paid at a later day.

The same applies at the AR side where your customer will not pay your company the full invoice but, for instance only 95%.

The video (10 mins, 3/2020) below will explain this.

More Videos on YouTube

More Acumatica Construction Edition videos can be seen on YouTube here. Especially the ones featuring the latest 2020R2 features.

Customer Success Stories

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