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Electronic Signatures: Adobe ESign and DocuSIgn



Agreements, sales quotes, purchase orders, maybe product receipts from suppliers, advanced shipping notices, and paid invoices need to be signed. SIgning those documents, then scanning them and emailing the scans to the recipients takes a lot of time.

Enabling an electronic signature on a document is so much faster and more efficient. Acumatica cloud ERP can integrate with either Adobe ESign or DocuSign. They are two different ISV applications.



For Adobe ESign, you need to create accounts beforehand. You can create an enterprise account that can be shared among employees. Or you can create individual accounts, which is probably the best option since those individuals can then be made responsible for getting their documents signed.

For DocuSign you don't need to set up accounts. An email id and password suffice per individual.

The video (10 mins, 2020) below illustrated the usage of those two applications.

Workflow Management

It is very common that certain documents need to be approved and signed before they are sent to a vendor to order a service or product. Therefore a workflow with approval management needs to be set with a document. For instance a purchase order needs to be approved and signed first before it can be emailed to the supplier. Acumatica provides workflow and approval management to implement such a procedure. For details click here.

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