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Yes, a Cloud ERP manages data, transactions and communications, but where do all team documents go?

Updated: Jan 9, 2020

The ERP package for an industry takes care of all business data, transactions and communications/activities in a very structured way and in the cloud. But if a team is working on a large project where a vast amount of documents are created, and where the team needs to have a team calendar, and where the team needs to communicate interactively with each other, with customers, vendors and subcontractors, then such a team needs a different tool to manage all this. That is why Internet Customer Solutions wil create Microsoft Teams (MS Teams) for such teams or just for departments, or for customers, vendors and subcontractors. MS Teams, which is part of MS Office 365, enables the above team or department or group interaction.

In addition Acumatica Cloud ERP can easily embed MS Teams in any of its screens or forms. This way an Acumatica ERP user will have immediately access to such a MS Team, and use all the features of MS Team to store documents, add calendar events, chat and video call other MS Team members.

In the example below, the following business case happens:

1. You create a sales order for a customer in Acumatica. See the sales order form below.

2. There is an issue with an item on the sales order, you want to video call the supplier of that item. You click on the surrounded red button : Document and Communicate" in the Acumatica Sales Order, that links to a Microsoft Teams site of the supplier. See the second picture below.

It is possible to have also a video call to your customer contact via MS Teams. The link to MS Teams will be determined by the main customer contact for that sales order. Of course that customer contact must have been invited before to your MS Teams site for that customer, and accepted your invitation. But this has to happen only once!

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