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I am Toon SIx, president of Internet Customer Solutions inc.

The purpose of this member webpage is to enable you to do the following:

. Create a post in a forum

. Create a post in the blog

In this way we get an interactive communication going for professional purposes. Please do not sell in this member webpage. You can provide weblinks to useful information. Useful information is for instance information about customizations or ISV apps that may enhance the Acumatica ERP packages, or links to other twitter or linkedIN posts that describe how you can automate certain business process steps.

Remember to also check Free Resources webpage where you will also see references to Acumatica User Groups, , and other discussion forums.

If you are a prospect, and have at least met once in person with our company, a customized MS Teams site will be set up to share customize information with your company.

If you are interested in our solutions and/or services, please contact us at: or call us at 973 727 9665.

Thanks for your cooperation

Toon SIx

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