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Source Code Being More Open is a Big Deal: Enormous Cost Savings


The Acumatica ERP software being more open is a big deal since it enables your company to save a lot of money when you have to customize your ERP, when you have to develop new applications that are extensions of the Acumatica ERP Foundation software, and when you have to integrate with 3rd party (ISV) applications. Customizations can be done by non-IT people. Application development and integration can be done so much faster by IT people. Traditional ERPs such as SAP, Oracle, NetSuite, MS Dynamics GP, AX and NAV, Infor, Epicor, Sage, SysPro, etc are not open. Doing the above in the traditional ERPs will take many months if not years by expensive ERP vendor developers.


An ERP that is open source, provides enormous time savings when customizations and application development need to be done. This is because of the following reasons:

  1. You have access to the source code, and there is no need to engage expensive developers

    • Since the Acumatica ERP is more open, you can access and change the source code of the ERP.

      • Since the Acumatica ERP source code is very structured, and Acumatica provides a rapid xRP development platform, non-IT people can easily and quickly customize screens/forms, generic inquiries and database tables. Details can be seen here.

      • Using MS Visual Studio and the Acumatica xRP development platform, developers can easily and quickly build new applications that use the same ERP database and form structures. Details can be seen here.

      • The quick customization and application development will save you hundreds of thousands of dollars compared with doing the same in the traditional ERPs such as SAP, Oracle incl NetSuite, JDA, SAGE, SYSPRO, MS Dynamics AX, GP, NAV, Infor, Epicor, All those traditional ERPs are not open.

      • Outsider comments confirm the above:

        1. Astrum

          • “With our rapid growth, we could not invest the immense amount of time it takes to tailor a traditional ERP suite to the needs of Astrum Solar,” explains Vadim Polikov, President and Chief Executive Officer of Astrum Solar. “Our IT Department, led by Vice President of Information Technology Stephen Simons, cast a vision very early on that new public cloud platforms, would provide us with significant advantages for developing our own fully integrated applications on a very stable and scalable platform for growth, while also providing an easy solution that lets us customize our use of the open source ERP software which we were able to do in record time.”

        2. J. Goodin Jewelry, Acumatica customer, realized the locked in situation of NetSuite and SAP Business One. Acumatica came to the rescue.

          • J. Goodin is a manufacturer and distributor of fashion jewelry that needed an ERP system to manage sales orders, purchase orders, inventory, and accounting. The system had to be efficient in order to process a large daily volume of orders and customizable in order to support both current and future business processes. After using NetSuite and SAP Business One, they wanted an ERP that was customizable and would not lock them in. They chose Acumatica.

          • Details:

  2. Your customizations and own applications are separated from the ERP foundation software. No need to change the ERP Foundation software.

    • If the cloud ERP is more open, and if the ERP vendor separates customizations and new applications from the ERP Foundation software, then the ERP Foundation software code doesn’t need to be changed for customizations and new applications. You don’t need to ask the expensive gurus of the ERP vendor to implement a customization or a new application. Your non-IT people or IT people can do it while not breaking the ERP Foundation software.

    • Proof of that separation is here.

    • With the traditional ERPs, the ERP Foundation software needs to be changed. Only the ERP vendor gurus can make the changes needed in the ERP Foundation software, That will take a lot of time, and will be very expensive.

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