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Building a Simple Website


Building a simple website online can now be done quite easily using online website builders such as,, Joomla, Drupal, etc. We recommend since the online editor enables you yourself to online add text, pictures, videos, anchors, web links, animation effects, contact forms, SEO keywords, blogs, chat, and to connect to domains. Our company will help you to design your website, to train you how to use, and to develop the website if you want us to do this. Then you yourself can change the content online very easily. You will be always in control. 

We do recommend to use MS Office 365 for online email since it offers also portals, web conferencing, video calling, discussion forums and interactive team sites (MS Teams). We do not recommend WIX hosted email since it uses Google email. Google does offer a Google Drive to store documents but, Google does not provide portals, discussion forums and interactive team sites as MS Office 365 does.

You can add an E-Commerce site in to your Wix site but, we recommend that your E-Commerce site gets its product info and prices from your inventory and order management system so that your online orders go into your order management system that talks to your accounting system. Therefore for medium size businesses we recommend you to use our ERP Package for Stores. For small businesses we recommend to use a light ERP package from which we resell, implement and maintain.

From experience we recommend you to sit with us, and to discuss the objective of the website, your targeted customers, the size of your website, and interaction features. Such a discussion will help us to structure your website aka wiring or story telling, so that your website visitor will find their way in your website. We can implement the structure, and train you how to use to just add content.

A website becomes complex when parts of the website are reused in several webpages. For those websites we offer an advanced website development service where our web developers use web development tools such as Microsoft Visual Studio  (ASP.Net, C#), PHP, Phyton, Java, etc.

The video (10 mins) will show you how to start building a website. You can try this but just for learning it. You need to structure it first before you continue adding pages else you will end up with a spaghetti like website. Our company has a methodology for structuring a website and for developing it systematically. Take advantage of our expertise, and have your people focus on your business. 

Steps in Building a Simple Website

The main steps for building a simple website (up to 40 webpages) are as follows:

  1. Determine the objective, targeted customers, level of detail, style, forms, social media, blog, chat, etc.

  2. Structure your website (wire it). This is the same as building a sitemap. This can be very tricky. We have tools to build the wiring or the structure, and to document it properly in the cloud.

  3. Start building your level one and two webpages

  4. Test the navigation

  5. Repeat step 2 through 4 till your website is nearly completed.

  6. Get a SSL certificate so that website visitors can see that your website is the real one, and not the one of a hacker.

    1. Normally only E-Commerce site required SSL certicates. Information you send on the Internet is passed from computer to computer to get to the destination server. Any computer in between you and the server can see your credit card numbers, usernames and passwords, and other sensitive information if it is not encrypted with an SSL certificate.

    2. We can implement a SSL certicate for you. Such a Domain Validated Certicate is about $30/yr. Click here to learn more, and here to see prices.

  7. Get the right domain name. This is so crucial so that people easily remember your domain name eg. ,

    1. We can register your domain with a proper domain registrant that provides proper tools and support to manage your website and mail server addresses in the Domain Name Servers of the domain registrant. We use as domain registrant since they are very reliable and have the proper management tools.

    2. We will connect your WIX site to your new domain name in the Domain Name Servers

    3. We will also make sure that your email ids use your domain name such as eg. . Never use a Google, AOL or Yahoo email id for your business. You want to promote your domain name, not Google, AOL or Yahoo. Also Microsoft Office 365 offers so many other features (portal, web conference, MS Teams, and the MS Office applications - Word, Excel, Powerpoint, OneNote, Access, ..) besides online email.

      1. Your domain name will be used by Microsoft Office 365 for your email ids, and we will connect the MS Office 365 email server to your Domain Name Server of your domain registrar.

  8. Add forms

    1. You want to have your website used as much as possible by your prospects and customers to get information and to feed you information. Therefore you add forms to your website such as a Contact Form, Request for Information, Request for a Quote, Registration for an event (webinar, seminar,..), Subscription to a newsletter, Submission of a Support Ticket, Access to portals, etc.

    2. Such forms should transfer information automatically to your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) database, your Support management database. An email should be automatically send to the right department. For medium size companies, we embed a form generated from the Acumatica based ERP package in your website. For small size companies we like you to implement, and then embed a form generated in in your website. If small size companies like to use we do the same.

  9. Linking to social media

    1. WIx can link to your LinkedIn, Twitter. Google Plus and Facebook page. We can help you with creating and recording a video in your Facebook company page. This is powerful marketing. You can share that video instantly with all your Facebook friends.

    2. Wix can also show your messages of those social media in your website by embedding the proper pages of those social media sites

    3. We can set this all up for you.

  10. Chat

    1. Wix enables text chat but it needs to be set up properly on your website and your mobile phone so that you can respond to chats. We can set that up for you, and train you on how to respond properly. 

    2. We can add video chat to your website. This enables a web visitor to have a video call with you. You can show your desktop screen or a product via a webcam to the web visitor to explain the product or discuss an issue of a product. Vice versa, the web visitor can show their purchased product, and show the defect to you. This creates 100% customer satisfaction.

Creating a Mobile website

The website build in will be automatically adjusted for a mobile phone screen or your tablet screen. However some graphics will be misplaced, and will need some manual adjustment. website editor for mobile phone enables such adjustments. SInce such adjustments can be tricky, we will help you in making the difficult adjustments.

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Mobile website development WIX ERP Boxes
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