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Acumatica Based ERP Package for Hardware and Software

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Where can it be used?

  1. Computers and networking hardware and software that needs to be installed at customer's premises, where software installations are quite complex. Examples are:

    1. Installation of servers and operating systems​, 

      1. Configuration of the operation systems to enable remote login

      2. Configuration of the networking 

    2. Installation of routers and firewalls​

    3. Installation of VoIP PBXs and phones

    4. Installation of warehouse execution system

    5. Installation of CCTV system, a security system

  2. Systems and applications software that needs to be installed. Examples are​:

    1. Installation of an accounting system​

    2. Installation of an ERP

    3. Installation of a warehouse management system, and integration with an ERP

  3. Resale of hardware and software where installation, training and tech support are needed​.  Examples are:

    1. Installation of 3D printers with CAD/CAM software​

  4. Development and maintenance of software applications​

    1. Management of software development projects​


Unique Characteristics of this market segment

This  market segment has the following unique characteristics:

  • An installation is a serious project with the following phases:

    • Prospect may send you a RFI and/or a RFQ.

    • A serious discovery (requirements/needs analysis) is required upfront to explore the right solution

    • Exploration of the best solution

    • Logical design of the best solution

    • Physical design of the best solution: selecting the right hardware model, building the right software database and program structure

    • Implementation: installation of hardware and software, development of new software

    • Testing

    • Production deployment 

  • Maintenance of the hardware and software

  • Technical support

  • Training


ERP Needs for this market segment

The ERP Needs for this market segment are as follows:

  • Finance

    • GL, Cash Management, AP, AR​

  • Distribution​

    • Inventory management for managing some hardware. Normally not much hardware is stored in stock. 

    • Sales Order management

      • Sales Quoting is very very important​ since once a quote is submitted, it becomes a commitment. Not much change allowed. 

        • A general quote can be given as part of the opportunity record

        • After the general discovery, the general quote becomes a detailed quote with specific hardware and software items, and labor

        • The labor quoting is the hardest since unforeseen software requirements pop up, that need to be addressed to be successful. ​

      • Sales orders must have all the hardware parts and  the general labor items.

        • However a breakdown of the labor items into tasks and subtasks is needed

        • A sales order may have to resort into a project, or at least be related to it

        • A software license may have to be charged annually or monthly as part of a sales contract

    • Purchase orders management

      • Purchase requisition is quite often needed​ to get the best bids for a RFQ for the hardware items

      • Purchase orders for the hardware parts are needed

  • CRM

    • Lead and Opportunity management​

      • Opportunity management  can have general sales quotes​

    • Marketing management​

    • Support management

      • Support case management​

        • Support cases may have to be charged against a maintenance contract​

  • ​Project management

    • Project accounting ​

      • Tasks, people assignment to tasks, time line of planned tasks

      • Actual times for tasks 

      • Planned/budgeted costs versus actual costs

      • Planned/budgeted revenue versus actual revenue

  • Contract management for labor contracts​​

    • Labor contracts with subcontractors ​are needed

  • Contracts with customers are needed

    • For software subscriptions, regular billing has to be charged against the contracted amount​

    • For support cases, cases may be charged against an annual contract fee

  • HR management​

Components of the ERP Package

The ERP package for the Hardware and Software Technology consists of the following components:

Sales Quotes as part of the Opportunity


When you contact a prospect for a hardware and/or a software project, the prospect will give you very general requirements. You can store them in an opportunity record. Then you proceed to your general discovery to get more requirements. There requirements will enable you to make a general sales quote. After some more discussions with the prospect, you will create some newer versions of your sales quote. 

All the above steps can be done in the Acumatica CRM suite under opportunity management. 

The video (  3,5 mins, 2018) below will demonstrate this.

Contract Management for Software License (Subcription Model)

Instead of buying software, software is now being paid for on a monthly or annual basis. This is a subscription model, which is also used for any service in the cloud eg. VoIP service, Cloud computing hosting service, backup service, Google premier service, LinkedIn premier service, etc. Our Acumatica Contract management application handles this very nicely. The picture below shows how Acumatica handles the contract for subscribing to an annual ERP SaaS fee and an annual ERP Maintenance fee. The videos below the picture (level 1 and level 2) demonstrate the contract set up for a subcription to an ERP SaaS. 

contract for ERP SAAS subscription.jpg

Setting Up Customer Contract items

Setting Up Customer Contracts items: level 2

Setting Up Customer Contracts: level 1

Charging support cases against a support contract

Charging actvivities (work items) against a support contract

Besides charging a support case against a support contract, you can charge any activity against a support contract. The webinar (20 mins, 2018) below demonstrates this. For a full screen, click here

Customer Testimonials

You can see customer testimonials from:

  • Smart Trade Technologies

  • Paywith: offering rewards, loyalty and marketing program to brick and mortar stores

  • Parallels: distributing reporting software

  • Antenova: offering standard antennas and RF antennas

  • M3 Technology Group: designing, building and installing turnkey audio visual systems and video conferencing systems

    • Replaced Everest software​

    • Installed Acumatica Finance, Distribution, Project Management and Field Service Edition

  • Smart Trade Technologies: developing and selling stock trading software in different countries via sales offices in those countries.​

  • xByte Technologies: selling new and refurbished Dell servers, Cisco switches and other computer networking equipment.

    • ​Installed Acumatica Finance, Distribution and Ecommerce integration with Magento

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