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Acumatica Cloud ERP:  A Future Proof Cloud ERP Platfom


The Acumatica Cloud ERP platform is future proof since its cloud platform is built on the Microsoft .Net platform that supports new IT technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (machine learning, natural language, pattern.character recognition, ..) , blockchain, Internet of Things, microservices, multithreading, object state processing, serverless computing, etc. Legacy ERP systems do not support all those new IT technologies, and will therefore become obsolete. With a legacy ERP, your company will spent an enormous amount of money to keep customizing it, and to integrate it with ISV applications.

Your IT Concerns

Your major IT concern is whether your  ERP system will carry your company forward to the future. In other words, will my ERP system continue to use the latest, most efficient IT technologies? In more detail, your concerns will be:

  • Will it use Artificial Intelligence (machine learning, natural language, pattern.character recognition, ..) , blockchain, Internet of Things, .?

  • Will it support industry 4.0: Industry Internet of Things (IIOT)?

  • Will it use microservices and multithreading?

  • Will it use mobile application development technologies such as MSDL ( Mobile SItemap Definition Language) that enables a non-IT person to configure a mobile app?

  • Will it use object state processing that enable a non-IT person to configure workflows?

  • Will it use superfast database processing based on  serverless computing, etc.?

  • Will it enable no code or low code customization and application development?

The Acumatica Cloud ERP Resolves All Above IT Concerns

The Acumatica Cloud ERP version 2020R2 release clearly shows that it resolves all the above IT concerns as follows:

  • Advanced User Defined Fields (UDF) visibility and enablement, which allows more flexibility on how UDFs appear and the ability to specify a different set of properties for each type of document.

  • Additional enhancements and improvements allow users to:

    • Create AP documents automatically through AI and ML

    • Modify workflows visually using our sophisticated visual state automation engine

    • Unify notification workflows using our powerful business events engine

    • Track real-time data changes with unified notifications using business events

    • Utilize OData 4.0 to securely access data without creating generic inquiries

    • Respond easily to standard dialog questions in Acumatica from your mobile device with mobile dialog box support

  • More details about the version 2020R2

The video (26 mins, Nov. 2020) shows the why the Acumatica Cloud ERP is future proof.

Legacy ERP Systems Are Not Future Proof

Legacy ERP systems are not future proof since:

  • They use mostly proprietary databases

  • They can not have AI/ML embedded in the source code

  • They can not use microservices and multithreading

  • Their mobile app is not using MDSL

  • They don't use object state processing

  • They can't use serverless computing

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