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Epygi Cloud PBX


The Cloud PBX box is at a cloud hosting provider such as eg. Amazon Web Services, Rackspace, etc, and is connected through your internet connection and your office router to your desktop IP phones. The same way your office computers are connected to the internet. The Cloud PBX has all the features of an IP PBX. The advantage of the Cloud PBX is that the VoIP software is automatically updated, that viruses and hacker attacks are taking care off, that your Cloud PBX never gets outdated, that there is no maintenance, and that you can add as many phone extensions as you want without having to buy another IP PBX. 

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Calling Features

  • Basic Configuration includes the following features:

    • Auto Attendant

    • Voicemail service with EMAIL notification

    • Call Waiting

    • Auto Redial

    • Do Not Disturb

    • Call Hold

    • Callback

    • Hold Music Upload

    • Call Forwarding

    • Find Me/Follow Me

    • Many Extension Ringing

    • Distinctive Ringing

    • Hiding Caller Information

    • Block Last Caller

    • Day/Night Switching

    • Call Transfer (Blind and Consultative)

    • 5 Participant Conference Call

    • Call Park

    • Call Pickup

    • Call Paging

    • Intercom

    • Zero-Out, call redirection for Auto Attendant

    • Auto Attendant Directory Assistance

    • Global Speed Dial, speed dial configuration from the phone handset

    • SIP Intrusion Detection System (SIP IDS)

  • Advanced Features:

    • Kick Back

    • Hot Desking

    • Dial and Announce

    • Scheduled Announcements

    • Hotline Service

    • Call History archiving and automatic download

    • Class of Service

    • Epygi Cloud Directory Service (ecDS)

    • Call Center

    • Additional Audio Conference

    • Call Recording

    • DCC PRO

Optional Features

The Cloud PBX has the following optional features:

  • Epygi Cloud Monitoring service (ecMON) and Epygi Cloud Directory Service (ecDS) are the additional tools available in the CLOUD which empower the ecQX with more possibilities.

    • ecMON is included in the ecQX service subscription and provides the ability to monitor over seventy different events on the ecQX and report them to the system administrator. Among those are the status of registered phones and SIP trunks as well as alarms when you have bad quality calls. These reports can help to identify problems quickly and resolve them in a timely manner.

    • ecDS is available as a separate service by annual subscription and can be used with QX devices as well. It allows calls to be placed from the cloud using the existing VoIP infrastructure and is conveniently accessible via a WEB browser. It means that you get a phone directory that is available instantly and is enabled by various user-friendly tools. For more details on these services check our

Purchasing a Subscription via our company

To purchase or to subscribe to the Cloud PBX service, you need to contact our company, and have a  Paypal account. 

  • All ecQX services are offered based on a monthly subscription per extension.

  • The minimum number of extensions is five and can be upgraded to more than a thousand.

  • Epygi makes it easy and affordable to sign up by offering services without any long term obligations, contracts or sign-up fees. The customer has the flexibility of paying per month and can cancel it at anytime, if desired.

  • A variety of other advanced features can be obtained for an extra monthly fee, such as additional Audio Conference participants, additional Extensions, Call Recording, DCC Pro Receptionist Console and Call Center features.

Epygi cloud qx user screen call history.
Epygi cloud qx user screen caller id ser
Epygi cloud qx user screen call hunting.
Epygi cloud qx user screen extensions di

Installation and Configuration Features

The Cloud PBX has the following configuration features:

  • Getting a SIP trunk

    • Need to purchase separately ​a SIP trunk from an approved SIP Trunk provider. We resell SIP trunks for the following SIP Trunk providers:

    • Our company will help you select the right one for your needs.

  • Configuring IP phones​

    • This PBX platform can be used with any type of SIP phone at the customer premise and a SIP trunk connection to the PSTN using any carrier. The move to a cloud-based solution is easily doable with the ecQX's auto-provisioning feature that allows companies to configure their phones easily. Moreover, for some IP phones the ecQX supports remote provisioning through a VPN tunnel, which bypasses all the NAT related problems, ensuring two-way reliable communication.​ Our company will do all this for you.

Epygi cloud qx dashboard.png

A typical small office set up for the Epygi Cloud PBX (EC QX) will look as follows:

Epygi Cloud PBX Small office set up.jpg

In the picture on the left are three office extensions or desktop IP phones, and a remote extension (phone) that is outside the office. 

The office extensions connect via an Ethernet wire to a switch, then to the office router which has an internet connection (cable or fiber) to the Internet Service Provider (ISP).  From your ISP there is a connection to your Internet Telephone Service Provider (ITSP) which hosts the Epygi Cloud PBX (EC QX).  You can choose an ITSP from a list of ITSPs that host the Epygi Cloud PBX, The ITSP talks to the PSTN (the old phone carrier such as Verizon, AT&T, Sprint,,  ) to handle both VoIP calls as well analog voice calls from landlines, or cell phone calls. 

The optional failover is an IP PBX or E1 Gateway that is directly connected to the PSTN in case the internet fails. This way phone calls will still go through. 

The ecMON is the web interface to the ecMON web application that shows you call logs. The ecQX  is another web interface to the Cloud PBX  that lets you see voice mails, faxes,  and lets you set the calling features (call forwarding, attendants, simultaneous calling, etc). Both web applications are in the cloud. 

More details are available at the vendor's websites:

IP Phones

IP (Session Initiation Protocol - SIP) phones can be grouped as follows:

  • Desktop IP phones

    • Desktop IP Phones are handsets that sit on your desktop. You can have single wired IP desktop phones ​, or you can have cordless IP phones that are connected to a wired base.

  • Desktop IP soft phones​

    • An IP softphone is a PC application that runs on your computer, that needs to have a micro and speakers. Not much recommended since your computer may get sometimes very busy.​

  • Mobile soft phones (mobile app) on your iPad/iPhone or Android smartphone​

    • If you have a good internet connection, this is a very cheap but very practical solution. The mobile app runs on your iPad or Android smartphone, and has its own extension. If the internet connection is always good, you don't need an expensive IP desktop phone!​


Click here to learn more.

Possible integration of the Epygi Cloud PBX or IP PBX with the Acumatica CRM suite

During an Acumatica hackaton at the Acumatica 2018 Summit, a developer team managed to integrated a IP PBX (FreePBX) with Acumatica CRM. 

To make a call, a person just has to click on a contact's  phone number in the CRM. When a call came in, the contact record of Acumatica CRM will pop up if the contact was already in the Acumatica CRM, else a new contact would be created in Acumatica CRM. The source code is available at GitHub. This shows how easy it is for developers to integrate 3rd party applications with Acumatica Cloud ERP using the Acumatica xRP development platform. 


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