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DynaRent ERP Package for Rental Companies


The DynaRent ERP package for rental companies manages the rental of equipment and event materials to businesses and consumers. Such equipment and material can be picked up and returned by the customer, or  delivered to the customer and picked up from the customer by your rental company.

For rentals to businesses, the business customer can access a customer portal to place rental orders with a digital signature, to pick up and return rentals, and to pay for them. Such customer portal is accessible via a web browser or a mobile app. When your company delivers a rental to your customer, the Dynarent ERP package can manage your dispatch of trucks and drivers, and routes. Routes can be seen on the mobile app.

The ERP package enables your customers to buy items besides their rentals in the customer portal. All purchases and rentals appear on the same customer invoice so that the customer can expense them easily to a job or project.

The ERP package manages also internal functions such as: equipment inspection and availability, equipment service and repair, and equipment utilization. Of course the ERP package comes with a CRM and a Finance Suite for your accounting. All this is managed from one system in the cloud.

Your Benefit

The DynaRent ERP package manages your rentals, your CRM and finance (General Ledger, cash/banking, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivables), payroll and other business functions from one system in the cloud. No more transferring of data between separate systems.

Other benefits that are specific for the DynaRent ERP Package are as follows:

  • DynaRent customer portal saves your company a lot of time and money since the customer does all the work of order taking:

    • Rental orders are checked automatically for availability of equipment and material

    • Orders can have rental and purchased items in one customer invoice

    • Orders can be placed by the customer from a web browser or a mobile app, and signed digitally by the customer

    • Invoices can be checked by the customer

    • Payments can be made by the customer from a web browser or a mobile app

    • Service tickets for repairs can be created by the customer

    • This saves your company a lot of time and money since the customer does all the work of order taking, and is in control of his/her orders.

  • DynaRent pick up and delivery by customer, or delivery and pick up by your company can be scheduled such that your customer gets it on time, and that your delivery trucks are fully utilized.

    • Your sales people, customer service people and truck drivers can use the web browser or the mobile app to check the deliveries and pickups. The truck drivers can see the GPS routing on the mobile app.

  • DynaRent has so many other features (equipment inspection, service and repair, and asset utilization reports,..) that enable your company to spot problems on time so that equipment, trucks and employees can be always fully utilized. That is how you can make a profit.

  • More benefits

The DynaRent ERP Package Components

The DynaRent ERP package consists of the following components:

  • The Acumatica Distribution Edition which consists of:

    • The Acumatica Finance Suite covering the General Ledger (GL), Cash/Banking management, Accounts Receivables and Accounts Payable

    • The Acumatica Distribution Suite covering inventory management, sales orders and purchasing orders

    • Learn more

  • The Acumatica Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Suite covering leads and opportunities, marketing campaigns and support cases

  • The DynaRent Application which is embedded in the Acumatica ERP. It has the same interface and database as the above Acumatica suites. This will be described below.
  • Optional Independent Software Vendor (ISV) applications that have advanced features that complement the Acumatica ERP features.

The DynaRent Application: Major Features

The DynaRent Application has the following major features:

  • The DynaRent Customer Portal for customers

  • The DynaRent application features for employees


We will describe each one next.

  • The DynaRent Customer Portal

    • The DynaRent Customer Portal has the following features:

      1. Orders where customers can place rental orders and sales orders. It has the following functions:

        1. Shopping
          1. Online equipment and material catalog for
            1. rental of equipment and material
            2. purchase of material
          2. Shopping cart

        2. Explore my orders

      2. Finance

        1. Statements

          1. Documents: Invoices and payments

        2. Contracts

      3. Support cases or service tickets for repairs

      4. Documentation

The video  (8 mins, 2020) below will describe the above features.

  • The DynaRent Application features for employees

    • The DynaRent application features for employees are as follows:

      1. Rental contract management has the following functions:

        1. Rental order can have:
          1. The equipment rented by the customer after an automatic check of it's availability
          2. The material purchased by the customer
          3. The digital signature by the customer
        2. Rental order is automatically verified for proper insurance coverage. Notification when rental contract value is greater than insurance coverage
      2. Pickup and Deliveries
        1. Pick up by customer, and delivery/return by customer

        2. Delivery by your company to customer, and pick up by your company from customer
          1. Route and customers on the route are depicted on a Google map in your web browser and in the mobile app.

          2. Dispatching of trucks from multiple equipment rental yards

        3. Rental counter walk in

      3. Flexible invoicing

        1. All rented equipment and purchased material are on one customer invoice.

      4. Equipment returned with damage

        1. Appropriate damage fee is charged to the customer

      5. Warehouse parts and sales

      6. Service and repair of equipment

      7. Equipment utilization

        1. A calendar board shows you when an equipment is used or available

The video  (8 mins, 3/2021) below will describe the above features.

The DynaRent Application for Some Industries

The DynaRent Application has features for some specific industries such as:


Your industry might not be listed here but, is most probably similar to one of them listed above. Please contact us for your requirements.

Customer Testimonials

Several customer testimonials can be seen on the Acumatica webpage. Scroll all the way down on that webpage.

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