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Microsoft Azure


MS Azure offers cloud computing.  In August  2018, Microsoft  has reduced their fees for MS Azure quite a lot to be competitive with Amazon Web Services. Also MS Azure has some features that are quite unique such as syncing your on premise servers with the MS Azure services. 

Like with any cloud computing provider, setting up two Virtual Machines ( in the old time, servers) takes about 30 mins including all the needed security. Setting up two servers on premise in the old time would have taken about 3 weeks elapsed time, and 3 -4 days work time. 

It really doesn't make much sense any more to set up servers on premise, and virtualize them on premise. We have extensively covered the reasons for that in another webpage. Especially with the new technology of serverless containers at cloud computing providers, creating your own datacenter as in the past won't make any sense at all except when federal regulations require you to do so. We recommend you to use the cloud computing as much as possible. 

Our company can help you select the right MS Azure services, and implement them. 


Microsoft Azure has the following capabilities/features:

  • Build a website

  • Set up an Active Directory consisting of user ids for your employees

  • Set up and use a Virtual Machine (VM)

  • Use the SQL database

Azure for Beginners​

Azure for Beginners will take you through the following steps:

  • Sign up for a free MS Azure Account

  • How to create resources using Azure Portal (https:/ )

  • Create your first VM

  • Create that VM as a webserver, which is needed to host a website

  • Create your first web application/ website

  • Create your first storage area

Build a Website

Building a website is quite easy.

Set up Azure Active Directory Domain Services

Microsoft Azure enables you to set up a domain for the Active Directory. Such a domain is necessary to set up an Active Directory where you store the internal Domain Name, the internal users of an internal domain, and user group policies, and enable other computers to join that domain.

Click here to learn more.

Azure Functions are explained here.

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