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Acumatica: Security


Acumatica security covers the access rights of people to certain data. When an employee/user gets a user id, he/she gets assigned user roles. Each role eg. Accounting role can access only data (eg. GL data, no sales data)  that is needed by that role to do its functions. Access can further be specified as read only, write (change or update), delete. Besides limited data access, access can also limited to certain transactions, reports, dashboards, etc. Acumatica enables you to set up all the needed restrictions that you will ever need. 

Acumatica enables you to set up a very extensive security scheme down to the field name level. Such a scheme can consist of the following set ups:

  • Access rights by user role

  • Restriction groups

Access rights by user role

To enable access rights by user role, you need to take the following steps:

  1. Specify user roles

    1. A user role can be eg. Accounting, and  may be assigned to all people working in the accounting department since they all use about the same data and transactions.​

    2. For details see Acumatica Employee Management webpage

  2. A user may be get several user roles assigned to him/her

  3. Access rights are assigned to a user role

    1. Access rights may go all the way down to the field name level in a form/screen as seen below​

The above form/screen will be shown in the video below

Video (   mins)

Limiting access to journal entries of a particular branch

You can let only the branch employees of a particular branch have access to the journal entries of that branch by creating a user role for that branch, and assigning that user role only to the branch users/employees. 

What happens if the journal entry has an entry (debit or credit) that relates to another branch? Will the branch A user see the entry for branch B? No. They will not see it. Click here to learn more.

Restriction Groups

Restriction groups consists of a group of people who have exclusive (nobody else has access) access to certain data. For instance the CEO, CFO, the accounting manager and the VPs  only have access to for instance the Profit and Loss statement. Although the accounting administrators who through their accounting role of Accounting, may have access to the P&L, this restriction group would prevent the accounting administrators to access the P&L .

Video (  3 mins)

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