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Acumatica Finance: User Roles and Security


To control the access to certain modules/workspaces, certain forms/screens or transactions (eg journal entries, PO, SO, banking account management, etc.), the following is done in general:

  • Create a user role (eg Accountant) that has access to certain modules (eg. GL, Cash management, AR and AP), and to certain transactions (deposits and payments to/from certain bank accounts)

  • Assign users/employees to a  particular user role (access rights) so that they can do their job.

  • Create restricted access groups when more detailed access (to the level of a data field) is needed.

The video (3 mins) below will illustrate this.


The Acumatica Cloud ERP Features for security can be very elaborate and thorough. Some of the main features are as follows:

  • User roles as shown above

  • Restricted access groups

    • To control who can access certain customer records (SO, shipments, invoices, payments..)

    • To control access to a particular data field (eg. shipment date for a shipment)

    • When a company has several branches that are handled under one company with Inter Accounting, people from one branch can not see certain data of another branch.

  • Multifactor Authenticaton (Two Step Verification)

  • Integration with Microsoft Azure Active Directory for Identity Management

  • Regulatory compliance

Restricted Access Groups

The feature of restricted access groups restricts who can access entities such as leads, business accounts, customers, suppliers/vendors, employees, projects, branches, etc.

The video (4  mins) below will illustrate this.

Multifactor Authentication

Multifactor authentication enables you to require the entry of a code after the Acumatica user enters an user id and password. Such a code can be emailed or messaged to your cell phone. 

See the video (  5 mins, Dec. 2019) below.

Integration with MS Azure Active Directory

Integration with MS Azure Active Directory enables Single Sign On for Google or, MS Office 365 and Acumatica.

  • Single Sign On for Google and Acumatica

  • Single Sign On for MS Office 365 and Acumatica

Videos (2014) show you Single Sign On with MS Office 365 and Acumatica. They are old, and will be updated. 

Regulatory Compliance

The medical industry, the drug industry, the food industry, the finance industry and other ones have federal regulation that to have to be complied to.

The video below shows that Acumatica ERP can be set up to comply with those regulations or standards.

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