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Acumatica Integration with Your Website


The Acumatica integrateion with your website enables your company to display forms on your website. For instance a contact form enables a website visitor to ask for more information or to discuss an issue. When the website visitor fills in the form, and when this form is integrated to the Acumatica ERP, all the website contact information will be automatically entered in the Acumatica ERP.

In this example a new lead or a new activity for an existing lead will be entered in the Acumatica CRM Suite.

An email will be automatically send to your employee who is responsible for new submitted contact forms.

Besides a contact form, other forms can be displayed on your website, such as:

  • Request for Information that may ask the website visitor to complete first a survey about requirements, time of decision, and scope.

  • Request for a Quote

  • Request for a Proposal

  • Registration for a newsletter

  • Registration for a webinar

  • Subscribe to our email list for new product announcements

  • Schedule an appointment

  • Etc.

All these forms are mostly for website visitors who are not customers yet. However they are Call To Action (CTAs) that engage your prospect, and my result in customers. Customers should visit your Acumatica customer portal to order new items and services. Your website should have a link to the Acumatica customer portal.

On the other hand this will create more visits to your website, which will improve your ranking with search engines.

Acumatica Vendor Bill form on Your Website


The video (15 mins, 2015 sorry but still valid) shows how you can put a blank Acumatica vendor bill form on your public website to enable your vendor to enter a bill (vendor invoice) on your website for his/her rendered products/serivces.

Learn more.

Acumatica Field Service Appointment Form on Your Website and Mobile Site


The customer of your field service company can make an appointment on your website or on your mobile site.

Learn more.

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